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Today, my fiancé, the love of my life, informed me that he proposed because he was sure I'd say no. He was hoping it would lead to our breakup. FML
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*facepalm* Why do people have to perform the run-around rather than just cutting to the chase? Seriously, it only causes more problems.

brettj69 0

damn that sucks FYL


brettj69 0

damn that sucks FYL

What kinda pussy of a man does that? Trust me when I say you don't want him.

PurpleRae420 0

Well now you can breakup with him and tell him to shove that ring up his ass

bambootay 0

I know what a coward!

icecreamdriveby 5

It doesn't mention it, but why would he buy a ring in hopes of her turning down the proposal? It doesn't make sense, even if he was sure she'd say no, why risk it?

because then he can hold on to it and save it for when he actually wants to propose to someone else !

Alicia17C 2

he probably bought the ring a while ago and used it to end his other relationships too, but this time it didn't work...

holy shit i was the 6000th person to click your life sucks button but ydi

So what do the guys who hate your miserable fu*king guts say to you?

minecraft_fml 4

for him

minecraft_fml 4

^ continuing 1's comment

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that sucks but you have to admit.. it was quite the plan!

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Awww =/

Yes indead, machiavellian much?

denbeste 3

Machiavelli was an nice and awesome guy. Learn your history.

Well it would have been quite a plan if it worked anyhow:P

Did this work?

They're engaged, so i'm going to take a wild guess and say she said yes to his proposal... so no, it didn't.

ummm its her fiance idiot

frodoman 13

Some people lol. So what's new with you 7?

VinegarStrokes 0

Yeah 7, how's life been treating you?

VinegarStrokes 0

You fuckin mook, Frodo.

Pretty good, actually. Thanks for asking.

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how do I send PM's??

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Kay kids. It's a girl on the Internet. And yes, she owns a vagina. You can calm down now.

MasterL 3

damn....thats rlly messed up : (

Flutist 3

REALLY, It is really messed up. Omg, it's two extra letters. It won't hurt you to put vowels in your words. It is good for you. I promise.

#20 relax, nt mny ppl gv a crp so y bthr?

Oh my god! It's four extra letters. It won't hurt you to not abbreviate. Don't criticize about something you do, hypocrite, rlly is an abbreviation just like omg. It is good for you. Maybe.

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40 I'm pretty sure 38 was doing it just to piss you off.. why would you worry about that? god.

55 I think 40 was talking to 20. I may be wrong tho.

56 was talking to 55 who was talking to 40 because 38 said what she said to 20...

I was thinking the exact same thing #20!

lilhedz 0

40 was talking to 20 because 20 said omg.....

*facepalm* Why do people have to perform the run-around rather than just cutting to the chase? Seriously, it only causes more problems.

Lasagnaa 24

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I know no ring is directly involves in this FML but... OP are you suffer-ring?

agaba 0

haha thoes are punny

leequiroga 5

Her (ex)-fiancé is so unca-ring.

jackiemoonthepro 5

damn, that sucks. if you had said no there wouldn't be a problem here

If he was man enough to break it off instead of stringing the poor girl along, then there wouldn't be a problem. But apparently he's a pussy so here we are.

Wow. At least you found out before you married him. He sounds like a total dickbag.

And the 'Who is the biggest jerk of the week?'-price goes to.....OP's fiance! Congratulations!