By lanbon182 / Friday 10 April 2009 05:11 / United States
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  CitizenSnipz  |  0

Scream and look at the chickens. See which is missing, run back crying saying the poor gal's name.
Say she was your favorite.
Let the guilt unfold, kick them out if you must.
Let their own guilt eat them alive.

It's a good revenge; feels nice, too

By  ScottyD620  |  0

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  DevLights  |  1

Plus you usually don't butcher egg laying chickens. We buy giant Cornish chickens for butchering and isa brown laying hens for eggs.
Extreme size difference.


As the proud owner of six egg-laying chickens, all with their own names, I can honestly say that this sucks and I totally feel for you OP!

Our neighbor's dog (whom I later reported to animal control, who issued a stern warning) once attacked one of our chickens (we had seven before). $500 at the vet later, our chicken passed away under veterinary care that night before a specialist could see her. Our neighbor still denies any responsibility.

After all of that, I still feel like OP's situation is/was worse!

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