By Anonymous - Canada - Fernie
  Today, my fiancé is returning home, so I decided to wax myself, thinking things would get intimate. I warmed the wax strips and set them on the counter. Our cat jumped onto the counter and managed to roll onto one of the strips. Suffice to say, the wrong pussy got a painful waxing. FML
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  Liamj774  |  36

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  Isoldael  |  27

People with pets need to consider where they put every single item that could harm the pet. A friend of mine left a box of needles for her insulin shots on the kitchen counter. Her poor dog ate the box. It's a miracle that she even survived.

  akiahara  |  14

Not a single one of my animals, including my large dogs, have ever eaten my insulin or syringes. If you know your animals have behavioral problems (i.e. snatching things off the counter) and you leave your shit out for them... well... I feel bad for the pets.

  tygerarmy  |  35

I don't know why 7 got thumbed down. The way the OP worded the FML leaves me to to think she set it and walked away. Pets and kids get into things it's your job to protect your things.

  ironichalibut  |  24

I agree with 7, 51,16 your cat doesn't have the conscious capacity to know to avoid things like that, although you should have the capacity to know to keep your pet away from it. I hope you cut it out with scissors instead of the conventional way. If you tore it off you deserve to have each and every fine hair on your body pulled out with dull, red hot tweezers.

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

7- I agree with you but you should have written "somewhere" not "someone where". My cat tends to jump on my kitchen counters so I never put anything on them.

  kmeredith  |  8

If your cats are jumping up on the counter then you didn't train them properly! I have two cats (8months and 10 months) and can safely leave food out on the counter all day and they won't jump up or touch it nor did my old previous cat because I trained them and they are well behaved.