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Today, my fiancé informed me he didn't want a regular wedding cake, he wants a Batman cake. I have nothing against this, except that he already decided the wedding theme would be Star Wars. Essentially, I'm marrying a child. FML
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If you're marrying him, you should be well aware of his preferences and behavior, darling...

Oh You poor thing! reception at Chuckie Cheese?


If you're marrying him, you should be well aware of his preferences and behavior, darling...

that's exactly what I was gonna say, and also that this dude sounds like a legend.

Escape whilst you can.

it's okay OP it seems he's marrying a boring bitch

I wonder how their family feels about a star wars wedding, if my daughter gets married with a star wars theme I will punch somebody.

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Then don't marry him if he's a child trapped in a grown mens body! Idk how you didn't know this I wonder if he fucks like a man if he's good in the bedroom and treats you right and actually has a job an doesn't live with his parents still then your fine he's deff a keeper then lol

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if you love him it shouldn't matter what you wedding looks like on the outside. what matters is your feelings fir each other. and be thankful that you have someone that can be fun!

I wish I had a star wars wedding. she's a lucky lady!

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omg mirobo I agree with what you're saying but stop calling everyone darling

I need an invite.

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I'm pretty sure mirorbo is from pokemon colosseum, and I think the character called everyone darling as well haha.

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That's just crazy!! Star Wars theme and a Batman cake? Come on now, those don't match! Silly boy needs to pick one :P

exactly, and now she has an excuse to wear that Slave Leia costume on the first night of her honeymoon.

Star Wars is more epic! Batman cake? Come on, at least make it Star Wars related.

@ #99 It's a crossover!! You know it's already been done SOMEWHERE on the internet.

Agreed! A Batman themed wedding could be fun! Though Star Wars wedding would also be pretty epic. Might have to mention that to my fiancé!! :D

Look at the bright side, you will already have experience for when you take the bun out of the oven.

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don't worry the sex is great

maybe he has autism assholes

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if you truly love him it doesn't matter

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I was wondering WTF 'autism assholes' were. Commas are your friends. :)

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exactly! you should know this...and if you don't like it...why did you say yes?... try to reason...make his groom cake badass with whatever he wants, and or, make half the wedding cake what you want, and half what he wants... as for the theme, you don't have to go all out with star wars, but you could atleast have it mixed in...don't be so ghank..I'll be waiting to see the fml when y'all have a baby..

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68- what the FUCK are you talking about?

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Well, I'm a Trekkie myself.... ;)

but that's the fun thing! if u have kids he'll b one of them too! good luck sweetie:)

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Like a lightsabser cake or Darth Vader's head! Lol

As long as he treats u like a queen and respects u, you trust him a good relationship that will last as long as the good ol days then u should be fine....if not then maybe u should reconsider the marriage!!

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probably the best song theme too then.

is he dressing up as chewbacca and you princess leia

Flutist 3

No, but he did ask her to shave her chewy before the wedding.

At least this bride wouldn't have to worry about helping on wedding planning!

hey BangBangz!! whats happening!? love you Mann!!

Oh You poor thing! reception at Chuckie Cheese?

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haha. they'll have their honey moon at disneyland

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and have super hero babies haha..

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#58 you killed the thread

I agree, it was all perfect except for 58 B*tch

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I bet he is looking forward to the honeymoon, you get to watch each other pee.

#17 lots of newly weds have there honeymoon at disneyland or disneyworld, it can be romantic if u know where to go

I agree with 125. I know a lot of people who have done honeymoons at Disneyland or disneyworld. Probably the most popular choices!

#118 & #58 wow - you sure know how to ruin a joke!

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Everyone knows with a Star Wars wedding they would have jedi babies.

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NO! younglings first dipshit.

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but #3 ur really pretty! (no homo)

:) yours would be a wedding to remember. maybe u could talk to him and have a traditional I fused star wars themed wedding :) it'll be fun

yeah no one would forget it in a hurry

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He wants his best man to be wearing a star trek suit

I guess he has a friend named Robin, and wants to name your child Luke if it's a boy.

hey my sister and her husband named their kid Luke, after skywalker himself! no worries there

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Better than naming him anakin. Or jarjar

How can he combine a Star Wars wedding with a Batman cake? That's a complete geek faux pas. The dude has no style.

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I totally agree. You should get a "Millennium Falcon" cake instead.(: OP, don't knock theme weddings. I've gone to a St. Patrick's and a Renaissance wedding. (Both were awesome!) They are so much fun by getting all your guest to become part of your big day.

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He seems awesome.

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if you love this person, embrace his childish ways. my girlfriend embraces mine

Personally, I feel sorry for the guy. Instead of suggesting a compromise, his girlfriend gets all disparaging of him. My boyfriend embraces my immature, geeky ways, and I embrace his.

mikejunior88 4

that's the way it should be

I embrace my boyfriend's somewhat childish nature, but boy, now I begin to fear for my own wedding. I don't want to do it Transformerstyle.

hahaha my misses embraces my childi

our wedding was batman and Lego themed. nerdy ways rock. I'm lucky I married as big of a nerd as I am.

Are you engaged to Dr. Sheldon Cooper?

I don't think Sheldon would even mix those two together.

brezzybabe92 12

who is dr. Sheldon Cooper?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

If you don't know, don't ask.

61 - it's an American comedy TV show sitcom about 4 geeks, Dr. Sheldon Cooper being the biggest one (and funniest character).

Oh yeah, almost forgot, but the name of the show is The big bang theory.

I wouldn't mind that lol I want a batman bread bin like he has lol

wouldn't that be... The Flash!?

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ur hot

in the great words of Dr Shelton cooper "shh...I'm batman!"

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He'll want to name a son Luke just so he can say he's his father.

I actually want to do that when I have kids...