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Gives you more reason to move into some other country so she shall never again see her future grandchildren's faces. Ever. She'll be ever so pissed but look who will win in the long run. ;D

welcome to the world of mother-in-laws.


Did she mean that her son cheated on his fiancée ?

no, she was just judging her on her appearance, and i guess mannerisms too

Newsflash - Sluts are not disgusting, they just like sex Is there anything wrong with that!?!?

That's when you say "OH! Hi Mrs. so-and-so. Beautiful day isn't it? Well I have to go meet *fiance's name* at *place name*. Nice chatting with you!"

I wouldn't marry him ... I don't know about you but I would hate her as a mother-in-law.

87, You don't marry people based on their family..entirely anyway. Her mother in law will move on eventually

Gives you more reason to move into some other country so she shall never again see her future grandchildren's faces. Ever. She'll be ever so pissed but look who will win in the long run. ;D

...No one? The OP and her fiance will have to pick up and start their lives over in a new country, the monster-in-law loses her son and her chance of seeing grandchildren (if he's an only child), and the kids will never get to see either set of grandparents, most likely - if moving away stops one set of parents, it probably would stop both.

#30, I don't see how not seeing your grandmother ever is something that makes your life worse, especially if she's a passive aggressive bitch. It seems like there are a lot of people here who don't understand that not knowing parts of your family is a better thing. It must be great to be living that life.

Seems logical that a disgusting slut in one place is still a disgusting slut in another country.

^^ aye aye

#37, who is to judge from this that the future mother in law is the bitch? Those words could describe most girls these days, the mother in law could very well be right and that is an accurate description of the OP... Just because an FML is posted from the OP's perspective doesn't mean everything the OP does is right and everything everyone else says about the OP is wrong.

@53, Most girls? MOST girls are not disgusting sluts. Some are. Maybe OP is one, maybe not.

Just because she's a bitch to the fiancee, doesn't mean she wouldn't be a good grandmother. And who's to say that the OP and her fiance are even going to have children?

I think maybe Mommy just doesn't want to accept her as her son's fiancé? But then again, this one IS from Nevada... so OP might be playing hooky...

welcome to the world of mother-in-laws.

or ex-future mother-in-law

or mothers in law. maybe your fiance has a brother and she's talking about his girlfriend??


Good luck with her, your gonna need it.

Ahaha. Epic win.

Don't be a disgusting slutty girlfriend then. SImple :)

indeed. show her that you can defy her strange expectations.

Or just touch her gently, she'll like that.

Or tell her, "They say boys always marry their mothers." and "Good luck figuring out which of your grandchildren are really yours ;)"

Ohh, you remind me of french porn. Actually, it's this video. It was on HBO or something, then I saw it later on eFuckt. Some chick is out at this restaurant with some older lady and some guy, and they start telling her what a slut she is, and start fingering her. You don't actually see anything at all, but it's still fairly disturbing. Now we know how this story ends.

Am I the only one who noticed she was talking on the phone in the bathroom stall?

#12, are you the only one who noticed people do that All The Time?

Actually I find it kinda gross when people do that =/ dunno why, but it does bother me. I certainly don't do it myself. I can call them back when I'm done pissing.

Yeah, I find it really awkward to do that. Also, it's just asking for a toilet phone.

No, I noticed and cringed. :S Personally I find it awkward. Other people can here you while they are pissing/taking a dump, and you are chatting away to someone while pissing/taking a dump. It is just weird, full stop. And to OP, might there be any chance that your fiance has a brother or something? If not, I hope she was suitably ashamed when she saw you.

"I don't get along with my in-laws. FML."

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well either you're a total bitch and she's right, or she's a total bitch and throwing a hissy fit over nothing.