By Anonymous - Italy - Verona
Today, my fiancé and I had to attend a wedding. Problem is, I suffer from a severe form of social anxiety. Since I was getting too close to a panic attack, he suggested drinking some wine to help me stay calm, and it worked. Up until I got drunk and threw up in the middle of the restaurant. FML
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By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

I'm most likely the only one that thinks this, but It seems like a YDI since one should always control their intake of alcohol. Social anxiety does not entirely excuse it, albeit it is understandable.

By  Fixme  |  5

Anxiety is a heavy burden, I know. I hope you can get some help with it. Until then, I hope you can find that fine line between too little and too much wine. Good luck.

  PennyLane27  |  32

It's difficult to understand for anyone who hasn't personally experienced it. But anxiety attacks are powerful. And in the throws of an attack it's really really easy to have more to drink than you realize you're having, and certainly more than intended or more than you'd ever drink if you're not in an attack. You literally do anything you can to help. And a drink or two tends to *temporarily* help. You start to think if one or two helps then a third will help more. At some point you start to actually feel good. And then you have another to keep it going... At that point, the effects of alcohol plus effects of anxiety can push you to the point of where OP was.
Of course, then the next day you feel like shit. And alcohol causes subtle inflammation that ends up making anxiety (and depression) worse. So you have some momentary relief. but the downfall and effects last much longer.

tldr- anxiety is a bitch. it's easy to drink too much during an attack. alcohol makes things worse.

  Redgy22  |  26

That's why I see a doctor & have medication to help with attacks rather than self medicating with alcohol. I feel bad for OP, but if this wasn't the first time you've had an attack, then YDI.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

They could have not intentionally gotten drunk. Wine can be really strong, and if you're sitting while drinking alcohol you may not feel the effects as much as if you were walking around.
First time I had wine I got drunk off of 2 glasses and I didn't even want to get drunk.
OP also could not have noticed they were drunk because when someone gets close to having an anxiety attack it can feel like you are drunk to an extent.


I call it a roller coaster. Once the panic attack starts, you can't get off the ride until the biochemical effects of a shit load of cortizol getting dumped into your bloodstream wears off.

By  PennyLane27  |  32

Alcohol is a slippery slope with anxiety disorders. I spent my fair share of time self medicating to help calm social anxiety attacks. One can quickly lead to a dozen. Stay away from it until you see a therapist and find productive coping mechanisms.

I suggest he attend therapy with you eventually, bc as your partner, he shouldn't have encouraged you to drink to stop the anxiety attack.

By  WolfsScar  |  15

Control your intake. To get drunk off wine you either have a very low tolerance or you knew you were getting yourself drunk. Social anxiety and self control are not related. YDI

By  RichardPencil  |  30

For a few years, I've used wine to help ease the anxiety I get from being in large crowds, and it has worked very well.

Now, this story makes me anxious about drinking wine. Thanks one hell of a lot!!!!

  RichardPencil  |  30

Actually, one glass of wine gets me over the initial shock of being overwhelmed with the crowd.

Ironically, I enjoy public speaking and do it frequently. I'd rather be in front of a crowd than in one!