By Natalie - United States - Odessa
Today, my father, who's never played much part in my life, told me how proud he is of me. I choked back tears, and we hugged for the first time in years. Later, I choked back my rage when I saw he'd opened my mail and obviously planned on leeching my new-found SSI money off me. FML
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  Daftendirekt1  |  0

59 - So true. It really pisses me off when it happens to someone and the parent has just come into their life after leaving. OP, forget about that part of your life, tell him where he can go and move on.

  rlr386  |  8

I used to work at a bank and to see the amount of people conning the system would floor you. I'm not saying OP is, but to stumble upon newfound SSI money is something that makes me say hmm.

By  TxCountryBeauty  |  10

I feel your pain op... I moved in with my mom n her boyfriend when I was in highschool to basically support her boyfriends drug habits n pay their house note. Everything's different now but it sucks op!


Aww sad face:( I misspelled and, and I'm a college student... What are they teaching us kids these days? What a shame... Seriously people- I'm not writing a huge paper or something that will go into the newspaper. This is a silly website so who cares. Everyone understood my comment, right? :):):)