By Anonymous - / Friday 13 May 2016 21:11 / United States - Lawrence
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  dole_dosser  |  13

It depends. Guide dogs, and I would assume hearing dogs, fly in the cabin because their owners need them. And the series Animal Airport shows people flying into LHR from America with their emotional support dogs that have flown in the cabin with them.

By  Aredmiata  |  2

Different dogs are trained to alert differently. There isn't any set "alert" for drug dogs. It could be an ear twitch, or barking, or sitting, etc. so this could be how that dog alerted to the presence of drugs.

By  NightKat  |  25

Ok so I help train these dogs here in Texas. They are trained to sit or follow the scent of explosives, and to ignore everything else (food, other pet scents, people talking, etc.) Sometimes dogs will be dogs and they get a little goofy, but it's up to the handler to discern what's curious sniffing and what's a serious change in behavior.