By Anonymous
Today, my family drove me to the airport. Before they said goodbye, my mom discreetly pulled me to one side and asked if I'd remembered to pack my birth control pills. Unfortunately, my little sister heard, then chased me through the security line, yelling, "YOU'RE ON BIRTH CONTROL?!" FML
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  bluejello2001  |  17

True. A lot of my friends (and myself) originally started using hormone based birth control for reasons having nothing to do with preventing pregnancy. But it was certainly convenient to already be on it when you did start to have sex.

By  Henry8cooper  |  15

I reached a respectable age, where most women I meet doesn't need birth control pills - or not for birth control anyway. But even when I was young, birth control pills was detached from any kind of sexual fantasy in a way condoms will never be - so I don't really understand why this should be embarrassing..