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Today, my family dragged me to an Alien-themed museum. They're convinced they were once abducted and felt up by creatures from outer space. They talk, and spend all their money, on nothing else. I'm hungry. FML
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Ask your leader to make you a sandwich then..

Time for someone to go beyond the final frontier and get a job!


Time for someone to go beyond the final frontier and get a job!

well instead of making this fml you could have gone and gotten something to eat.

Find a college across the country when you've graduated from high school. Haha

Were you in Roswell by any chance? There's is pretty cool.

lol come back in a couple years were building a new building for it

Your parents sound like they would be great members of scientology! :D

I was once abducted...

Well... use your own money on food then? :S

Oh man their taco they have there are out of this world!

I thought the same thing, lol I'm from Roswell so I've seen all those museums. Pretty crazy

My thoughts exactly.

#41 I no a good therapist, u want her #?

Ask your leader to make you a sandwich then..

Don't they have alien shaped cookies there? Yum.

No that's the other alien museum

Ydi for not checking them in to a mental hospital.

Why not just fake sick? It's easy, just make yourself throw up.* *Disclaimer: For emergency use only.

Jaja, who is voting down? Paul is awesome!!

omg that movie was unexpectedly great! I loved the crazy creationist girl's tshirt with a picture of jesus shooting darwin and saying "evolve this" XD

haha loved it watched litery right before reading this best part is when she say demon and starts sing amazing grace

Should've come dressed as an alien...

Then pretend your a alien. And beam yourself up some sammiches

My grammar Nazi sense is tingling; there is no Sam or Mich in there, it should be spelled sandwiches.

That's spelling not grammar.

OMG are you serious!? I've been spelling it as "sandwitches" all my frigging life!!!..

27 - He's not a Grammar Nazi, he's a Spelling Spetsnaz. ;D

Stupid Spelling Spetsnaz thinks he's a Grammar Nazi, yet he missed the real grammar mistake! You said "your an alien", it should be "you're an alien".

Alien sex is the next new thing and those probes are so sexy!