By Kjer - Denmark - Copenhagen
Today, my family and I were visiting an aunt. While helping my aunt to set the table, my sister remarked that from behind I look exactly like her. I reflexively blurted out "well fuck you too". Very awkward silence. FML
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  MuseFan1991  |  14

regardless of the meaning behind the statement, i dont understand why 'fuck you too' would be a response to being told you look like someone. but then again maybe im just thick

  klutz44  |  28

OP thought her sister was insulting her by saying she looked like her aunt from behind. So OP's comeback was "fuck you too".

Looks like you missed the entire point of the FML.

By  Despereaux  |  15

How did that even cross your mind? "well my sister is saying something so it must be stupid. Let's swear at her." well I hope your aunt has a good sense of humor


The FML is worded poorly, but basically the sister said OP looks like the AUNT. Therefore, awkward when OP said 'well fuck you too'. OP used the word "her" in the middle of the FML, where it could easily mean two different people, one being the aunt and the other being the sister herself. Hope this helps.

  Mr_Leading  |  14

32. But if the sister said "you look just like her from behind" she would mean the aunt. If the sister said "you look just like me from behind" the she would mean herself. So I think this FML goes back to her blurting out curse words?


No #40. She said REFLEXIVELY. Meaning it was a reflex, partially on instinct. Just like if I were to pinch you as hard as I possibly can you would reflexively jerk your arm away.

Of course, to many of you, you'd think "oh yeah, swearing at a sibling whom compliments you isn't alright". This is playful word play. I have a couple of "reflexive comebacks". I can imagine OP smiling while setting the dinner plate, her sister makes the remark, and OP with a smile on her face says "Well fuck you too" entirely jokefully. THEN the awkward silence sets in and the aunt asks "what's that supposed to mean?".


my first thought was the sister has a big ass because it seems like women don't want big asses (in my opinion they're sexy, wish mine was bigger). OP if its a weight problem (as in your sister is heavy and that's why you got offended) take control of your body girl! you can start with something small like replacing all drinks with just drinking water. if you got offensive for other reasons (like your sister has a big ass or whatever genetic given thing)..well be proud and work w it! you always want what you can't have ...some chick might envy u. dude just be happy with yourself coz everyone's beautiful in their own way.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

I have a hard time with the 'family filter' concept, because my family curses all the time and it's totally okay. My mother's nickname for me is 'Bitchface', my brother is 'Dickhead', and it's been like that since high school - but since I've been an adult outside of any situation where you have to put on a filter for years, I often barely catch myself just about to curse on the rare occasion that I shouldn't. Cursing in front of my Grandma? A-okay. Cursing in front of my boyfriend's mother? Not a great idea.

By  buddy51  |  23

OP, You should practice your manners for situations like this and not just reply reflexively as you did here.
The proper phrase is "Intercourse you, dear sister, with extreme prejudice and chocolate syrup!"
Live and learn, OP, live and learn!!