By ScarredDaughter - 29/03/2016 05:01 - United States - Chula Vista

Today, my family and I were laying on my parents' bed watching a movie. My dad wrapped his arm around me and began rubbing my shoulder. That would have been fine, if it actually had been my shoulder and not my boob. Needless to say, we were both mortified. FML
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I'd like to unread this ty

I could just imagine both of your expressions as you noticed. Scared4Life


I'd like to unread this ty

swegdood 15

what's that profile pic?

that's a pokemon obviously!!

It looks like a wolf pup

I think it's a baby red panda

blazerman_fml 17

A baby Growlithe :3

I google image searched it, it's a baby red panda :D

I could just imagine both of your expressions as you noticed. Scared4Life

** scarred :)

I would imagine they were scared and scarred.

what I want to know is this: I could see how he didn't notice right away, bit how could she not? but then think about this tho she never said she didn't. any ideas for explanations there?

I hope it wasn't for more than a second... Breasts and shoulders should feel very different, if that's not the case for you consult your nearest Doctor

Seriously. I'm concerned for you. The fact he "began rubbing" implies he didn't immediately stop. And shoulders and boobs feel nothing alike. Make a doctors appointment for (insert generic symptom, like constant headaches), and report it/talk to them about it. Or talk to a school counselor.

I don't know, if they had a certain bra on it could have felt hard enough to be mistaken for a shoulder

Oh don't be ridiculous 26. I'm sure OP would be quite aware if her dad was the type to do this. She made it quite clear in the FML that it was an accident.

Like someone has already pointed out, if you're wearing a particularly padded bra I can see how you might mistake it for a shoulder if you're only touching it lightly.

I don't think it goes that deep. He probably wanted to Netflix'nChill with mom, but didn't realize it wasn't her.

Well I could've gone without reading this story fyl OP

Put your family to the test! Seriously though FYL how do you mistake someone's boob for a shoulder??

See the thread under #3's comment.

You must have some really squishy shoulders or some really hard boobs.

Shoulders like fresh baked bread and boobs like cannons on a battleship.

Nyattack 14

This happened with my sister once, I had my hand on what I thought was her shoulder but quickly realised my mistake ! It wasn't as awkward though, we had a laugh about it ; with my father it'd have been a different story...

I think I saw a porno start just like this... FYL indeed.

What kind of porn are you watching???

Was it not obvious enough?

born_hustla 26

Shoulders are not that soft! Unless you have seriously hard boobs.

Why the hell were you all laying in your Parents bed watching a movie? Thats scary enough.

Why not?, it's comfortable and relaxed, if you're a close nit family unit and a big enough bed I don't see a problem with it.

... I did this with my siblings and parents when I lived at home. Nothing scary about it.

Hell, I wish my family did stuff like that together. I'm lucky if I can get them all to eat dinner in the same room lol