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Today, my Facebook was hacked. The hacker messaged all my online friends, explaining that "I" was overseas, had run out of money and needed help. Not one person cared enough to respond. I guess the hacker picked the wrong target. FML
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  Carpy  |  8

No it doesn't. Who's gonna up & send you money via western union or some other service just because you send messages on FB claiming you're stranded. People aren't completely retarded. Even your immediate family would at least want to hear your voice telling them your situation & then they would buy your plane ticket, not just throw you a random sum of money.

This shows OP's friends & family aren't complete morons that buy into bullshit stories before using their brains to assess the situation.

Good on them for being cautious.

  Anai08  |  17

Exactly! I think what happened here is that all of your friends figured it was fake and didn't respond. I know I would have not even bothered to open it and just deleted it. Stop jumping to conclusions OP. >_>

By  Sparx1_1  |  16

Your friends were smart enough to know it was a scam.

Be glad you have smart friends. Be worried that your friends might see this and realize that they have a dumb friend.

By  Yarrachel  |  16

They probably knew it was fake. I got an email from "my dad" claiming he and my family were trapped in Scotland, needed money because theirs had been stolen, and somehow had no access to a police station or a phone but somehow had access to a computer. I called my dad laughing and saying, "You bitches went to Scotland without me???" and he had no idea what I was talking about. The funny thing was I was the one who was actually overseas at the time.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

That must invalidate all cases of phishing and poor practice involved by the OP instantly. Someone call Facebook HQ and tell them there's a hacker on the loose.

  geko911  |  22

lol ikr. he opened a strange message on facebook stating that he could grow his dick in 1 week but he did that from his own computer on his own wifi so hes safe right? nooot! some people would need an internet security 101 class.. would make the web alot safer