By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Croydon
Today, my face got intimate with several plywood boards, and I suffered lacerations and bruising. I told my friends I got the wounds from taking a few guys down in a bar fight. Now they're dragging me out into a rough part of town to give them "muscle" while they try to score some crack. FML
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This one is funny though! 80% of these are made up or not worth reading as they are common experiences we all face. At least he got silly with it, I laughed out of the stupidity.

  hockey161616  |  7

Maybe not kill you, but it makes them untrustworthy. You talk about ignorance like you know what it means, which you clearly don't because you are ridiculing 85 for thinking that his friend is gonna kill him... And I dont recall seeing anything about that in their comment. You are an idiot. Know what your talking about before you down someone else's comment.

  KingCeltic77  |  18

I will agree it is a habit, but they knew what they were getting themselves into when they first tried it. I've met drug addicts. On the one hand I feel sorry, but they even told me it was their fault for first trying it.