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Today, my extremely religious mom ranted at me, saying I'd only bought an electric toothbrush so I could masturbate with it. I'm a guy. FML
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Anything can be a dildo if you're brave enough.

What's her reaction to mouthwash or Vaseline?


What's her reaction to mouthwash or Vaseline?

What would mouthwash be used for o-o

For mouth washing

I seem to recall an FML of a same content as this one posted a few months ago by a woman. I'm assuming that's OP's sister?

Even if OP was a girl, that is still a strange thing for the mother to assume.

You can drink mouthwash to get drunk if you're really desperate enough

It's funny that 23 only understood my comment about mouthwash

Or a box of Kleenex.

Wouldn't a guy be able to use one too?

Maybe she thinks op is gay and that he's putting the toothbrush where the sun don't shine

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He could always use it against the shaft.

im gonna be honest here, the use of a toothbrush in this way is no doubt far better for the females :/

Now that's thinking outside the box my friend.

I think the mom is just being really anal about the whole toothbrush deal.

That wouldn't make him gay, bro. But nice try. Also there are other places to place the toothbrush.

What makes you say that? Magic wand vibrators (and likely others) work amazingly for both sexes.

#24, you, my friend, just made my day!

That wouldn't make him gay...

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Not impossible...

Anything can be a dildo if you're brave enough.

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no. the song goes ...if you're young at heart

Oh those naughty cactuses...

Just ask DocBastard.

A hotel??? Used as a dildo? Fun... fun..

religious /creative perv :P the line is so blurry

Ask her where in the bible it prohibits electric toothbrushes

My bible says it's wicked, it also has a lot to say about the evils of flossing too....

I'd like to know that too.

Then point out the part where it prohibits ham, seafood, tattoos, and women speaking in church (true story)

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And how would she know it was used in that way? Makes ya think!

Lol maybe because that's what she buys her electric tooth brushes for.

Just tell her you use it to clean your balls with.

Oh my god, I'm dieing Bwahahahaha

You can use it too if you're a little adventurous