By Anonymous - 24/05/2013 16:40 - Brazil - Rio De Janeiro

Today, my extremely religious father visited for a family dinner. My daughter had just one job: not to set him off on one of his easily-provoked rants. She nonetheless decided to take a photo in the middle of prayer, because she just HAD to Instagram her food. My father went apeshit. FML
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Who cares what food she is eating? She should have been spending quality time with your family and not whipped out her phone. Sorry but she deserved it, you didn't. FYL

ElementaryEdGuy 18

#Spaghetti #Meatballs #Jesus. See, Instagram prayers. He just doesn't understand the youth.


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Tell him it was the Lord's will, and be done with it.

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YDI people don't have any respect these days

Yo 26. .. First, it's "her". Second, why would you tell MiscHats to say that? Oh wait, you're threadjacking...again.

13 Though I do not agree with your "if I want to do this I'll do it" kind of logic, if you just "have to Instagram" something you can at least wait for something like a prayer to be done to do so.

groovycrazyjoe 18

yes her daughter deserve it no dessert for her because that's very rude to take a picture during prayer

Its very rude to use instagram, period.

If I ever did anything like that, I'd get my ass beat for it. There's a time and place for things, and that was neither the time nor the place.

How about he tell his overly religious father to get bent, and mind HIS manners in someone else's house? Anyone who would condone that crap in their own house from someone else deserves to get yelled at and put up with it...

Only in a universe where everyone else is required to participate in other peoples' religious beliefs.

I agree with you. It's not his house and they're HIS beliefs not the daughters/ mothers

The daughter should have listened better to her mother yes, but I would have kicked the father out for going apeshit over something like that.

Nobody said that OP's family wasn't religious either. He might be just more sensitive when it comes to it.

It doesn't matter if it's his beliefs and not theirs. He's her elder and that was just utter disrespect. You could have waited. I would have smashed the daughters phone right there seeing as she probably didn't buy it or pay the bill.

138: Your name is very fitting. Also, just being older than someone does not automatically mean they have to respect you. While I think everyone should be given a modicum of respect by default, if they often behave badly (such as going apeshit over something like this, rather than calmly scolding her and taking her phone away for the duration of the dinner), then they deserve to lose that respect.

Agree with 145, respect is earned not given. And I would say an overly religious ranty grandfather probably hasnt done much to earn the daughters respect. Also, the daughter clearly doesnt give a shit about prayer, so why is she being forced to sit there and pray anyway? People forcing their religious beliefs on their children/grandchildren is just so wrong.

#151 If your grandparent was at your house talking to you, would you snap a picture of your food? It's basic respect. Even she was an atheist, she had no right to do that. Shee probably wouldn't have done it with a muslim prayer, so why do it with a christian prayer?

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I blame the degenerates that use it.

If there were no degenerates using it I'd have nothing to laugh at!

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blame god for creating instagram

how can we blame something that doesn't exist?

ambersayshii123 17

kitty you can't prove one way or the other that he doesn't exist. I personally don't believe in Him but its completely disrespectful to just say He doesn't exist.

Who cares what food she is eating? She should have been spending quality time with your family and not whipped out her phone. Sorry but she deserved it, you didn't. FYL

I'm sorry, but I do believe that everyone needs an update on what I'm eating 24/7

the interesting thing is, how it is considered impolite when kids (or teenagers, for that matter) say anything at the family table or try to take part in the conversation, but also aren't allowed to do something else. I think we've grown from the time where kids just have to sit quietly on a table, staring in the air, or haven't we?

Is that how it is/was in your family? Really? I was always allowed to participate in conversations when I was younger. If somebody just sat there staring into nothing it was their choice. I'm sorry you didn't get to participate in the conversations, I can imagine how dull all those dinners must have been...

In my culture (germany) participating in grown up's conversations is considered "speaking out of term", and yes, yes it was boring, dead boring, and i am glad that my parents always allowed me to leave the table to do whatever i wanted...but i know that wasnt the same for many of my friends

I agree, children should be allowed to participate in family conversations. But, on the other hand she could've shown respect by not taking photos while her grandfather says the prayer before their meal. Kids these days

#22 you're 14. I'm not surprised.

NagainaFier 16

Dear 82, 22 was being a smart ass (I hope). Not everyone is literal in what they type on the internet. It is very possible 22 is one of those teens who doesn't have their heads shoved up their phone's ass. Or maybe I'm wrong and 22 does feel the need to share pics of food 24/7... Crap, now I'm confused.

Maybe 22's mom or dad is a master chef, and her friends like to see all the amazing things that get cooked for her. Unlikely, sure, but not impossible.

That was not necessary for her to do that. That was all her. FYL.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

#Spaghetti #Meatballs #Jesus. See, Instagram prayers. He just doesn't understand the youth.

"#omgggguys #mydadisusingFML #likewut #watanoldfogey" This is our future.

Praise His Noodly Goodness for supplying his followers with His Noodly Appendage.

#instapray #blissful


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Just because he is old doesn't mean he should be respected. Elderly shouldn't be able treat younger kids like shit with no respect for the only reason of them being young. Not saying anyone here doesn't deserve respect, but IMO old doesn't mean respect.

I saw jb, surrounded by a pink square, and my first thought was, "Ha! I knew it!"

28- I didn't mean just any old person. This guy is her grandfather, and at least in my house you treat your grandfather with respect until he's gone. Then you think what you want to think. If he does act really inappropriately then it's your parents job to take care of that. Maybe this is just me being super old fashioned but that's just the way I was raised:)

My grandfather called me retarded among other things for being up at 3 am when my parents and I were visiting for thanksgiving. This was after I explained to him that I was working 7pm - 3:30am 5 days a week. Sadly, I was too dumbfounded by his lack of understanding to make any sort of retort. I don't care who you are, or how old you are. If you can't respect others, or understand that your views aren't the only views one should have, then you don't deserve respect either.

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She deserves it because of her daughter?

8 - how about she enjoys actual human interaction over a nice family meal, instead of using her iPhone every second? I'm nostalgic for a time before my own.

I agree. If she's old enough to have a smartphone, she's old enough to know basic dinner table etiquette. That is something your parents should be teaching you. If OP has never made it clear to her daughter an appropriate way to behave during prayer (whether or not she herself believes in the spiritual significance of it) then she can't be embarrassed or upset when her daughter does something rude like that.

I meant her daughter should have waited until after prayer AT LEAST!

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go ahead. thumb me down but that sounds so fucking stupid. I understand the dinner but the guests?

My family don't care if I maybe send a text or two while at dinner, as long as I'm not on my phone constantly. It's just good manners to pay attention to whomever you're eating with.

It's the generation gap. The smartphone is an integral part of life for people growing up these days, just as the internet was a decade or so ago. I don't bring my phone to the table, but guests or no, once dinner is over I'll use it with the same personal use as my laptop or videogame system. But then I'm a responsible adult and if I think it'll offend someone I'll excuse myself and check it while in the washroom or something. As for pictures of food, I'm ok with that. But taking them while someone is praying is just flat out rude. I'm not a religious person, but I'll respect their beliefs for the minute or so it takes them to get through their ritual. Then ask them to hold off with the serving spoons or whatever long enough for me to take pictures of the dishes. I figure if I'm waiting a minute for them to pray, they can wait a minute for me to get the snaps.

I agree with 18, that's pretty fucking stupid.

#27 I don't know if I'd call it a generation thing. I know far too many people in their 20s and 30s (and sometimes even older) who think it's ok to play games on their phone, answer messages, and take photos of food in the middle of lunch or dinner. Personally, I don't understand it. If I'm having a meal with someone, I want to be able to talk to them. I don't want to be talking to the top of their head while they play Angry Birds and reply with grunting "mmm" and "uh-huh" noises.

I personally have my phone with me during a meal. And might check what it is while eating, if i get a text or whatever. Unless it's urgent I'll wait untill later with answering. I find that "polite enough". If someone really wants to take a picture of the food, I dont mind although I find it unnecessary, unless the food is spectacular. Doing so during prayer is un respectful though.

This is the same at my house! I get in trouble if my phone is out during dinner and if I took it out during prayer Id probably be grounded for forever :)

It's not her fault your father is insane.

exactly. its ops house not the fathers.

kcslgvr 11

OP's daughter would have offended any guest by sitting on her phone in the middle of a meal. What she did was rude, plain and simple.

Op's daughter shouldn't have been instigraming her food during prayer.

OP's father shouldn't have been praying during her instagramming! that's just rude

goodoldave 17

Waiting on grandpa to finish his prayer, oh here's a picture of the food I'm still waiting to eat. *annoyed*

I believe you mean #annoyed