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By  kazumaslayer666  |  3

Would you enjoy being kept up until 4 in the morning by a loud beginner accordion player? it's one thing to play one well it's bad enough for most people, but to be bad at a bad instrument is not a double negative.


Oh wait I read it wrong. I thought it said some friend got an Acordian. But your roomate got an Acordian. So yeah FYL! I would
A. Buy Earplugs
B. Move out as fast as possible
C. Take a bat and smash the Gould instrument to pieces.

By  JackDark  |  0

If he plays it at night, go in and slash the bit in the middle. He can't do that, so don't let him. Or, buy a tuba, and play it LOUDLY next to his bedroom during the day. Karma.