By Anonymous - United States
Today, my extremely lazy roommate is in bed with the flu. Instead of getting up to get water, he's run the garden hose through his window, and instead of going to the bathroom, he's connected a siphon to his penis and run it to a 5-gallon bucket. I have to live with this idiot. FML
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  ljesm14  |  1

158: that depends on how you pronounce it. I say "jee-nyus", not "jee-nee-us".
anyways, yes, fyl. it sucks to live with idiots. at least it builds character.

  maximumlove  |  0

agreed with #2. let him feel the pain. watch his lazy ass get up immediatly. and then fall back to the ground in pain. oh and what does he do when he needs to take a crap?

  Alzied  |  0

He said syphon, not catheter. I'm pretty sure his penis fits into the syphon tube. Likely wouldn't hurt all that much if he tugged on it. BUT, OP your roommate sounds epic. A true free thinker and asset to society. You should be proud.

  xSundae  |  6

To whomever said pulling the syphon off of his penis: To create a proper, successful syphon, you need air to suck the liquid from one end to the other in such a way that you don't need anything to pump it. Therefore, there is air pressure pulling the urine through the tube. When you'd pull the tube, it would pull at his penis.


  lifeinhd  |  3

That would be assuming he produces enough urine to fill the siphon, which I'll bet isn't the case. More likely the siphon is just a means of transporting liquid from one location to another, without necessarily providing a continuous flow.

  ImTheOne  |  0

catheters hurt for's a tube going up your exit only penis hole that's truly meant for exit only, it's not anal sex or something it's agonizing pain...

  ice_rose88  |  0

catheters that are yanked out hurt for women! the bit€h nurse did that after she tripped over the tube several times when I had my baby...worst pain of my life was the catheter, not the labor!