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Today, my extremely in-shape boyfriend told me he hasn't had a chance to work out lately. I jokingly poked him in the belly saying he's getting chunky and winked. He burst into tears. FML
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dudeitsdanny 9

It's funny how if this was a guy doing it to his girlfriend, people would be insulting OP to no end.. Instead people are mocking the boyfriend. No one likes being called chunky, or fat. Especially if he's one of those people who work really, really hard on their bodies.


bfrench95 0

three words...what a bitch.

Very strange people live on this planet. *cough* Totally not me cause of my picture either *cough*

To make up for it, they should turn off all of the phones and clocks and have a three day sex marathon! Oh yeah!

alexsmokesdro91 0

He might cry about that also..


what a vag

darkch0colate 0

pillsbury dough boy

VinegarStrokes 0

Hahahahahaha that's fucking hilarious!!!

holly_41611 0

you have a bf who's extremely in shape, poor you, I could see how your life really sucks because of that!

when he gets depressed he look what you've done! :) Jk Jk

I would laugh so hard if OP was a guy... well... he might...?

sk8rchick97 0

how rude!!! I should have been like "honey your perfect how u are!" but that's just stupid u font tell a buff guy he's well... not buff lmao

Boredumm 6

lol indeed it would count as excerising xD

Acadania 0

when you say "jk jk" you're Just kidding about just kidding so you're not actually kidding (:

rogerusmc23 0

steroids will do that to you.

HarryMcC 1

I like 15's reference to 'The Other Guys'.

I was thinking the same thing 111

Oh dear god, someone get this man a steak or porn. Something to bring his testicles back

I agree with you, but what about the fact OP's boyfriend has serious body issues? He clearly sees fat where there is none, and that is something he needs to get help for before it develops into some weird manly eating disorder

Guys just can't get a fucking break. If the roles were reversed (like most people said) then he would constantly be called an asshole but when he's the one getting joked with he gets called a pussy. Yeah, he overreacted, but why isn't this more of a YDI because it seems he cares about his looks and a slight joke will get him to react badly to it. She should've known how he is if she is dating him.

haha just like the other guys!

uhmm, chubby guys can be cute :3

230, excuse me last time I checked women are constantly being pressured to look good and to impress guys. We have copped being called fat or not good enough so I think we are allowed to make a joke here and there.

it's not as if guys don't have to try either.. but this just makes me think he has no sense of humour.

Maybe the reason why he became such a fitness nut was because he used to be overweight and was teased about it, and bullied for it all the time. Maybe he has self esteem issues and you made him remember everything he went through by poking fun at something that was a touchy subject for him. It doesn't make him a pussy, a vag, unmanly, or a woman. It makes him human and sensitive to human insecurities.

zadie 6

oh my god lol from the other guys right? I love that movie

he's probably the most macho man I know

Ariannalang 0

You know him...? O_o

He probably was gay. No problem with that, he just needs to own up to that shit.

Dude, just because he cried it doesn't mean he's gay. He's just a overly sensitive...

because gay men are the only ones who cry

Krajjan 9

One should never mistake muscles for manliness. Common mistake.

hellobeautiful5 2

Probably steroids... Just saying.

Crying does NOT equal not manly. Men can and DO have body issues too.

WadeFTW 0

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Alysin 14

that would just make him jiggle more and who kows what he'd do then lol

grammer nazis thumbed him down

OceanBreathesSal 5

well he did insert an apostrophe where it shouldn't be and left it out where it is needed... that's kind of sad ):

auto correct, broski.

charlybarly 0


charlybarly 0

gosh dammit auto correct. *hell

you're a douche.

WallyTheWombat 0

Yea when you type "hell" in the iPhone, it autocorrects to "he'll".

80 I second that.

GuessWhatKids 13

I'm guessing autocorrect makes "should've" "shouldve" too, right?

FlyingLazerWALRU 0

It's funny, you have the same picture as Notch's twitter profile pic.

I don't know why 118 got down voted

you are an evil person and a dick.

Hug him. Then tell him to man up.

give hugs not drugs (:

drugs then hugs :)

4 you should really change your username. it doesn't fit you at all.

Jake_2013 0

^ You wasted a perfectly good commenting spot to say C-C-Combo Breaker!

StopDropNRoll 11

Telling him to man up would probably just make him cry again O_o

eminem3 2

uhh... YDI much? yes

Men have body issues too. If the genders were flipped no one would be saying that... That's fucked up.

brookeec 0

You are just so mean OP. Say you are sorry & say he is in-shape. Hahah

dudeitsdanny 9

It's funny how if this was a guy doing it to his girlfriend, people would be insulting OP to no end.. Instead people are mocking the boyfriend. No one likes being called chunky, or fat. Especially if he's one of those people who work really, really hard on their bodies.

AaronTkr 0


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Obviously she was kidding. He didnt have to take it to heart.

krista2009 0

so true

28- My boyfriend (imaginary for now) doesn't call me beautiful. Although, I am a fat ugly whore. What now? 7- I agree, I work my ass off just to stay in shape. It's not easy achieving sexy. Ya, I just contradicted myself being sarcastic, so what?

dudeitsdanny 9

So... Guys have to compliment girls, but girls can insult guys without any problem? And girls claim to want equality.. I know it's a joke, but if a guy joked, it'd be a different reaction from most.

28 - You say you're supposed to call a girl beautiful, and I completely agree with you. However, if we're using your logic, guys would want to hear that they are strong or protective, not chunky and out of shape. So it's really no different, everyone has a level of awkwardness with their bodies, and don't want to hear things like that about themselves.

ya she hit a soft spot... he clearly can't be teased about stuff like this.. he takes his body seriously. good for him... but at the same time, man the fuck up a bit.

It's true that no one likes being called chunky or fat, but c'mon, OP was obviously joking. If my boyfriend had made a joke like that about me, I would have laughed and made one right back. He overreacted.

Susieee_Q 9

I don't think OP was insulting him. She was just kidding. And if a guy playfully did the same thing to his girlfriend (with the intention of making a joke) then, yes, I think it would be acceptable, too. Jokingly messing around with each other is how partners sometimes demonstrate their comfort; like when friends do it among themselves. OP's boyfriend definitely didn't need to cry about it....

That's the problem with feminism. There is this double standard that men are expected to be chivalrous and allow women to walk all over them, then at the same token, women should be equal to men. If you want me to be chivalrous and allow you to walk all over me, you better make damn good sammiches and cater to my sexual needs because it's the same damn concept, only gender roles reversed.

fthislyfe 22

GUYS! its not feminism! men and women are different. women wear make up, to try to look beautiful and be admired by guys. but face it, unless you're gay, you don't sweat about being good looking as much as girls do! BECAUSE girls need to be told "beautiful" more than guys. Girls and guys are different in many ways. I'm also a feminist but that doesn't mean that I accept the same behavior for men and women. Because of the biological and psychological differences. You've heard this a lot: never call a women fat, ugly etc... but it's not true about guys. why? because they don't give a crap! and if it hurts their feeling to the point they burst into tears, that's really gay. I'm not homophobic, my point is that it's not manly! well i'm done bitching :D

ReynshineCutting 10

My hubby is a bodybuilder and I jokingly call him skinny sometimes. I'm overweight and he'll jokingly call me fat sometimes. We both know we're kidding around and not serious when we do it but apparently OP and her boyfriend aren't at that comfort level yet.

WallyTheWombat 0

I think this has more to do with guys being able to take a joke better than a girl. Guys rip on each other all the time with their friends so we are used to it. I guess this means OP's BF doesn't have friends?

Smokingweenies 3

95 - THANK YOU! So happy that someone else sees that. Don't get me wrong, I love being nice to my girlfriend and calling her beautiful, but I'm just tired of not being able to say certain things, even if jokingly, to her from fear of her completely overreacting and taking it the wrong way while she can continuously say that something I did was stupid. I don't mind her saying that, but I think at some point girls should realize that guys do have feelings and shouldn't be seen as ridiculous when they are reacting to something hurtful, even if the other person was joking. And I think guys do deserve more sammiches and their sexual desires achieved because we put up with a lot more bullshit than girls do. Also, girls are never allowed to enter the doghouse from some stupid rules hidden deep within their minds. I understand that she has a right to get mad when a guy insults her, but when she insults a guy and then proceeds to get mad because of his reaction, then that's just ridiculous. well I think I've gone on quite enough :p haha.

#145: What on earth are you talking about? Are you saying that, as a feminist, you believe that men don't have feelings? Well, I've got news for you: your understanding of both people and feminism is pretty darn flawed.

aerosmith3312 2

This whole thing is bullshit, you can't have two sets of standards but at the same time demand equality, if a guy said that dame thin to his girlfriend everyone here ( especially the fucking feminists) woul have jumped his shit about bein an asshole. She should have known how seriously he takes his body and not said anything. But I will admit that the crying was an overreaction

Actually it's not homo to care about what you look like. Some men are a thing called metrosexual and some just spend 4 days a week in a gym and don't want to be told they are fat when they invest like 15 hours a week avoiding that. it's that simple. Now him bursting into tears could be the roids or something. But that is a two faced opinion, not all guys walk around in sweaty shit stained clothes and don't care. Sorry to burst your bubble. Any how op - now you know he cares a lot about his body and the time he puts in means a lot. So just dont joke on that touchy subject.

oh and @ 145 - your the reason men are still chauvinistic pigs. "Its not manly!". Yes all men are heartless assholes who don't care at all about appearance or reputation and just like to hit things with sticks to prove they are men. really? Are you that ignorant or you just wanted to prove something or be like everyone else and demoralize men and create more chauvinism?

I call my fiancee fat all the time. if she takes me seriously, she can give back the ring and gtfo.

Thank you all for supporting my position, it's ridiculous that some people can't get the simple concept I'm trying to get across. I was removed from a sociology class at UNIVERSITY because I posed this argument to a crazed feminist teacher. She refused to even hear my position and had me removed from class in front of my 200 peers.

that whole conflict was stupid. :/

Lynne2 0


sassypants93 17

Not every girl would overreact though. I joke like that all the time with guys, and I don't get offended at all. We all know that I'm not fat and that they are joking just like I am when I joke with them about things. Some people do get offended and can't take jokes like that though and op should have known her boyfriend was one of those people. All I'm saying is it doesn't matter what sex the person is, it's the lack of sense of humor or oversensitivity that makes the difference here. Don't go thinking all girls are the same because we aren't and neither are guys.

awardZu 0

If it was the guy saying the girl was fat, people would shit a brick and call him an ass. Yes, he went a bit overboard, but some people are sensitive about that. I do my best to stay in decent shape, but I'm fighting a losing battle. I wouldn't feel good if someone called me fat.

abasio 1

It's still very wussy!

fthislyfe 22

i didnt say men are heartless! i said its not good for a guy to have feminine feelings! i wonder why girls fall in love with guys who are gurrrrrly

HunterAlpha1 8

@287: it's because girls secretly have lesbian leanings so they want to be with a man who reminds them of women.

Has anyone actually noticed that females have taken their equality rights and turned them into whips of obedience?

aerosmith3312 2

So what feelings am I allowed to have since I was born with a penis? I didn't realize that women had cornered the market on emotions

Are you sure he has a penis?


lol I love ur pic

I love your picture...

She should double-check. (Also, I imagined the Peter Parker guy saying that. rofl)

Wow you're not even funny

No, not what I said. What 8 said.

he's probably on roids

simply_improper 1

i agree with 8. its causes emotional imbalance

I also agree with 8, he might not have a penis... nah I'm just kidding I know you meant 9.

Eh, steroids don't actually cause emotional imbalances. That is entirely myth.

Does saying that make you feel better about the fact that you were simultaneously 'roid-raging and crying as you typed it, 98?

roids won't make you emotional like that, he's probably on his post cycle therapy. pct will make you extremely emotional because it will drastically increase a guys estrogen levels. the roids elevate your testosterone levels, that's why people say you get roid rage.

ReynshineCutting 10

...and roid rage has been proven to be a myth as well. They're not good for your overall health but the rage is an absolute myth.

I would call it a complete myth. Higher testosterone will lead to more irritability. People who are hot headed tent to have higher test than a more docile person. It's not to the point people make it out to be that's for sure.

And I don't want to get into a whole roid debate on here just a thought. How can steroids, when done right mind you, be bad. Doctors give testosterone injections to people all the time. It's safe for a transgender person to get it but not body builders?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

208, at high levels, like what would suffice for a body builder, testosterone can cause kidney failure amongst other things.

If used continually for long periods. Odds are if you run one cycle every 6 months, giving your body time to recover, you would have 0 issues. People who run cycles year long of course have issues. If used correctly and not overdone steroids are just as dangerous as aspirin.

Of course there are risks just like any drug. But the reason for them having the rep of killing people and harming people is from people not knowing what they are doing or not caring and abusing them by

208 - Anabolic steroids increase testosterone levels in the body; a transgendered individual might not have enough testosterone on their own. However, in normal gendered human bodies, it halts the production of natural testosterone by the testicles in males, such as in the case of body builders that use anabolic steroids. The type of steroid used to treat practically everything else, such as allergic reactions or arthritis, are corticosteroids, which are a different class of steroids. Thus, it's not accurate to compare steroid use for bodybuilding to steroid use in general. Not to mention the various risks of steroid use, such as decreased blood clotting.

Thanks for thumbing me down, uneducated people. No studies have been done on the effects of steroids on people, because quote "they're too dangerous to test on humans." So no one actually knows how "bad" they are. But steroid users do. I haven't personally done steroids, but I know plenty of people who have. They aren't like the Hulk at all. They're the same individual as before. Uneducated folks who buy propaganda from anyone about the effects of steroids should maybe get to know someone who does use them, then make a decision for themselves.

bigmanj28 0

Is he your knight in shining armor?

if he is, he'd better be careful'll rust

When I saw your profile pic, I thought of the song "All I do is win win win" lol

I'm sorry I'm confused OP. Are you dating a woman in a mans body? Does s/he actually have a penis?

11, you're a complete ass hole. Everyone cares about how they look and it's not your place to judge them. Sounds like you're insecure with yourself if you're going to say things like that.

well the guy is crying... omg you're getting pudgy big whoop just hit the gym more and quit crying about it