By Anonymous - United States - Bremerton
Today, my ex told me that she's 3 weeks pregnant with my child. Not only was she on her period when I broke up with her last week, her friend let me know that the positive pregnancy test she showed me was a fake that she'd bought online. FML
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  sofaqueen_  |  14

Does she not realize that nine months are gunna pass pretty quick and the fact that there's no child is pretty obvious? I say play along and see how far she takes it.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

well she could "abort" or "miscarry."
probably one of, if not the worst lie to tell a significant other, even if they are an ex.

OP, you be the best damn fake dad you can be!

  JJ_86  |  22

Being with her, even for a prank doesn't sound like a good idea. OP needs to stay away from her and maybe take help from the friend who seems to have a level head to talk with her and have a closure.

  miiajayne  |  6

You can unfortunately. Ignoring all the health factors of someone else's urine on a stick, you've got to wonder what goes through the poor women who feel the need to a) buy the test and b) sell them in the first place.

  Andicc  |  19

I was answering the comment as to why she would buy one instead of just finding a picture online....psychotic yes, but just offering an explanation as to why she went that extra step..

  nursecait  |  8

There are companies that actually make tests that display "pregnant" or the positive symbols that you can buy... (Yes it's sick) So you can buy a fake test and not a used one


#136 - it may not be because they want to do it themselves. I once researched how to fake a pregnancy, not because I have any desire to do so myself, but because I strongly suspected a friend's psycho girlfriend might be faking her pregnancy to make him stay with her, and so I wanted to know if people actually did that, how they did it, and how common it was. Or, some of them might have just gotten curious because of this FML.

  MrsFlowers  |  9

@#191.... Really? No it wasn't real? She claimed to be 3 weeks pregnant but was in her period (which incase you don't know.. You don't get while you're pregnant) the WEEK before. AND her friend confirmed to him it was a fake one she bought online.

  SalviBarbie  |  15

And tell me, where did you learn your female anatomy from?

  boostedc  |  24

While periods cannot happen while you are pregnant, other forms of bleeding are possible and would be difficult to distinguish from a period. (William D. McIntosh, MD, FACOG)
Occasionally, ovulation can cause some spotting, which can be mistaken for a period. A woman may think she is safe just at the most unsafe time. Bleeding may represent implantation of a fertilized ovum, too. ( Remember: The best way to find out if you're pregnant when a pregnancy test is negative (b/c you CAN have a false negative...) is to go to your OB and get a blood test. Sometimes the PG hormone is faint and hard to detect...but that doesn't mean it's not there...

  dragonkisses28  |  25

#41 I also had light bleeding when I was 2 months pregnant. It IS possible to get pregnant during your period. It may not be an exceptionally large chance, but there is a chance. The whole point of a period is to get rid of the unfertilized egg and the uterine lining. Sperm and egg can still meet during your period. Don't think it's safe just because you're menstruating. Ovulation usually happens around the 14th day of your cycle, but not always. Sperm can live from 3 to 5 days in the vagina.

  measha  |  10

He isn't saying he had sex with her while she was on her period. He is saying when he broke up with her she was on her period so therefore isn't pregnant.