By firefliiez - 15/11/2009 18:46 - United States

Today, my ex decided he wanted to start calling me "Pup." I jokingly said "Please! Call me anything but that! Sausage face even! Just anything but that!" Later, we went bowling with a large group of friends. He put my name in the board as "Sausage Face." Everyone agreed it will be my new name. FML
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You're the dick who suggested 'Sausage Face'.

Why give him the ammo? Just tell him, "Okay. You call me Pup, and I'll call you Dickless".


SykoOne 0

LMFAOO , well , you diserved it man :)

Sorry ill let you finish but.... Diserved is an incorrect spelling. It should be "deserved" Thankyou and I hope I helped.

ParaplegicPony 0

Haha wow you're a prick. and on topic, I thought bowling alleys only allowed 4 letters for the name?

renaet 0

Some only display 3 to 4 letters but you can insert your full name. Usually only the newer Brunswick alleys have this feature though.

Sorry to call you a hypocrite, but the word is "I'll", not "ill". We mustn't forget our punctuation. ;)

fringle 0

And also Thank You is two words. Aha!

Also, "sorry" should have a comma after it, and a number of periods are needed in that post, to say nothing of ending a sentence fragment in a 4-period attempt at an ellipsis. I understand people critiquing grammar and/or spelling on this site, but they should learn to do it without making errors themselves. (and I think I comma spliced here; forgive me, spirits of english teachers past)

You shouldn't put a comma before an "and", it's bad grammar. "I understand people critiquing grammar and/or spelling on this site, but they should learn to do it without making errors themselves."

The comma before the "and" in the first sentence is appropriate, because the "and" is acting as a coordinating conjunction for a compound sentence. You can determine this, because both clauses being linked are independent.

are people seriously correcting the grammar? wow.

guitarman1998 0

none lifee at allz!...

hey there, sausage face :]

jasonsaied 1

haha y would the op suggest "sausage face"?

63 cuz she likes the sausege in her face! Yeee XD

Stand_Up 0

There ya go xD

You're the dick who suggested 'Sausage Face'.

flighted 1

well, sausage face IS a better name than 'Pup.'

pleura 0

Ugh, exes. Still, you did walk right into that.

seriously! Pup is an endearing nickname.

Hahaha well at least your ex listens to what you tell him ;)

somehow i read this as boyfriend

Wtf does "pup" mean?

Kylias 6

"Pup" is similar to "Puppy".

It's better than something like "evil bitch."

rosemary_fml 5

i see why he's your ex.

Way to go, Pup.

Genius! :D