By whatabitch - 16/09/2010 16:23 - United States

Today, my ex-boyfriend's mother came up to me at school, yelling and causing a scene in front of everyone for breaking her son's heart. We broke up over a year ago because he was cheating on me. FML
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His mom is failure then.

sugarcoated 1

Most mothers can't usually see much past their son/daughter being 'right'. =/


His mom is failure then.

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9, you think that's the reason... but his mom probably just didn't want you stealing her baby boy away from her.. :) haha jk that sucks though.

okay #9 seriously ? if your ganna comment make it usefull. and lol op that made me lol

34 has some serious irony goin' on there

This is where you kill the mother and devour her flesh. Only if you win, though. If you lose, the mother has the right to decapitate your leg with her nose.

34 make yours useful first?

MyChemical_fml 0

50 - make yours useful? OP - I'm sure if you explained to her what happened, she wouldn't be bothering you anymore.

Girreth 7

43, I respect you. *salute*

JustJess666 0

43 what the fuck is wrong with you??? you can't decapitate a leg it's only called decapitation with the head. it's called severing or amputating with appendages. wow next time when you want to sound like a complete ducking psychotic killer know your shit. and btw ice pic you're almost as fugly as Charles Manson! great job douche bag. as for op get over it and tell her to do the same. tell her the reason why you broke up is because her sweet little boy can't keep his dick in his pants and wants to either get someone preggo or an STD. then she will shut up.

59 make yours useful?

#69 Thank you for making me laugh today. If only you had a thread of intelligence.

78 make yours useful

I like the name noodlesaurus :)

sugarcoated 1

Most mothers can't usually see much past their son/daughter being 'right'. =/

DarkWaffle 0 mom has the opposite problem-im always wrong, everyone else is right

ZomgWeAreClubKid 0

Maybe he was a momma's boy? Also, that's pretty fucked up.

3: I don't usually creeper post, but I love your hair.

ZomgWeAreClubKid 0

Haha creeper post? Thanks. :3

perdix 29

I guess there are parts of California that are like Mississippi where teen pregnancies and rampant illiteracy allow scenes like this to occur. Next year, when all three of you are sophomores, it's gonna suck. . . you might want to homeschool.

FAKE! Teenage girls FEED off of drama, so if this was real, you would have made a scene right back! You would have screamed "MAYBE IF YOUR SON WASN'T A CHEATING SCUMBAD, WE'D STILL BE TOGETHER!!!"

No, Wrong. 1. She might not be a teenager. She could be in college. 2. I'm 15 years old, and most of the people at my high school try and stay away from drama. Not every teenage girl FEEDS off drama. Dumbass.

*scumbag Damn it!

And so wise for only 15? I doubt you'd recognize drama if it ran over you. Yes, you girls do feed on drama. At your age, you just don't see it or understand it. Sorry, but that's life.

Judging by your uber-serious reply to my jesting post, I would say that you proved my satirical point. Drama-queen!

UGHHH I'm the drama zombie, I want to eat ur drama then shit out even better drama! so I can become drama zombie queen mwahahahaha

And I've always adored your comments, Trollz.

My other comments won't show up.

shouldahadaV8 0

Not fake, and we don't feed off of drama. Just because she's inconsiderate enough to go create drama where she's not invited doesn't mean I'm going to go shout back at her. First off, i hadn't seen her in over a year and it was a shock to me that she was still holding things against me, i didn't know how to react at the time. Secondly, just because some people feel the need for drama in there lives doesn't mean that everyone does- i left my drama with him behind when i dumped his sorry ass. Thirdly, she is a mother and an adult. What she did may have been uncalled for but that didn't give me the right to be disrespectful to her. And yes, i know this is not the same name i used to make the post, but i didn't have an account and i wanted to respond. I don't want more people coming back at me calling me a fake.

21/OP: You shouldn't take someone named Trollz so seriously, dear.

shouldahadaV8 0

I just don't like when people assume that all teenage girls feed off of drama. Haha.

sipher16 0

your right and wrong. some girls like it and some don't it's a tad immature but it is a fact of life. I don't think that the OP is one that likes drama by the way it sounded she just froze and took the toung lashing.

No, I'm not a drama queen, just get your facts straight before you start judging people. I stay away from drama and so do a lot of other people. And for the one who said so wise for being 15. I'm probably more mature than you, cause you're probably like 30 and you're starting a fight with me, a little girl. (:

oh great, the troll fag finally came out from his bridge.

PedoBearSaysYES 0

Lolz little girl? the little part ended after you started bleeding out ur vag. ur a teen grow up and stop usin ur age and sex to play victim. and um dur ur starting drama right now drama mama. if u didn't like it u'd just let it go and recognize humour and just laugh it off.

58 you're hardly being mature. You are causing drama as we speak. Oblivious.

It's not an assumption. It is a fact, shown by SCIENCE. And speaking of science, why am I here talking when there is still science to do?

# 29 Amen, this guy shouldn't be taken seriously at all. And FYL OP, that really sucks, the guy didn't deserved you at all. And his mom should know better what her ''baby'' does before doing such things.

#63, I was about to be offended and rip you a new one, until I saw your username. Ah, well. Society needs someone to dig the ditches of the world.

I actually am. Why am I fighting with random people anyway? You dont know me. None of you trying to put me down arnt worth fighting with anyway(:

DineshKarthikesu 0

Was this in the cafeteria kitchen?

shouldahadaV8 0

Outside quad by the parking lot. Haha.

hidingoutt7 0

I kinda think this is fake in my school if the parents need a vistor pass they have to have a reason to be there and why would she yell at you a year later

Wtf, why a whole year later? If she's bold enough to just come up to you like that and start screaming at you for it, I doubt she'd have waited so long :/

shouldahadaV8 0

I have no idea why. Honestly.

Maybe he's been moping or he changed as a person around that time, and Momma doesn't like it. =

wow she just finally figured it out

colorguardgeek 8

was she drunk? or "reliving the memories"

AudaciouslyInsan 0

Wow, maybe OP's boyfriend pretended they were still together and just now told his mom they broke up. I dunno why he'd do that, but I know some people do that. And we only feed on the drama occasionally when it comes at us. x3