By single - 24/12/2014 21:49 - United States - Hurricane

Today, my ex boyfriend got married to the girl he told me was his sister. FML
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Could be worst. Could actually be sister.

He from the southern parts?


Maybe he's into that?

Or he and his sister are from West Virginia

BobyTheDerp 12

Oh America! You have many wonderful things!

"Got finally married"? OP needs to check her grammar.

Who are you? Her english teacher?

Op could probably be drunk, did you consider that?

He from the southern parts?

Looks like she's into his southern parts

Hey, not all of us southerners are into our siblings! Some of us prefer our cousins.

Could be worst. Could actually be sister.

How do we know she isn't actually his sister?

You never know...

Well they would either have a non legitimate marriage or they are not related. Just like other states, it is illegal to marry your sister.

it's not illegal in every state to marry blood relatives.

what an arse! you deserve much better OP anyway!

I have a friend who used to call this girl he was around as his 'sister'. But now they are so chummy with each other it's disgusting. I just think people like him believe the world is stupid and can't see what's actually going on. Or that they themselves are so sick minded that they would build a girlfriend relationship with anyone they are willing to call a sister.

Look at it this way; you got rid of a lying bastard. I know it probably hurts, but it's for the best. You deserve better than him

Greenteamextreme 16

A relationship to stand the tests of time I'm sure. If he cheated on you he's probably cheating on her. Dodged a bullet really.

Incest is not wincest.

Emporer_416 6

Except for when it is.

If he isn't keeping it in his pants at least he's keeping it in his family.

iTzSelverZz 14

Well, if he incest on doing it, let him be.

Kyle1dc 17

you're a clever motherfucker aren't you?

I know I laughed.