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Today, my estranged mother texted me saying, "Gran died, LOL." My grandmother and I were fairly close, so I was shocked and disgusted. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and asked if she knew what "LOL" meant. She did. FML
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It stands for Little Old Lady. Everyone knows that!

epikarugger05 1

That sucks, OP. I'm truly sorry for your loss. :(


It stands for Little Old Lady. Everyone knows that!

Lots of love!

Lots of lame ^

Gran died, LITTLE OLD LADY. Huh... I've heard worse before.

Maybe her character died in League of legends...? :) And your mom was like, LOL noob..

Ahahaha your moms a fag

7- There was actually something about that on NPR. Some guy's kid told him it meant lots of love and he would send people emails saying things like, "I'm so sorry that Hank cheated on you. I'll be here for you if you need anything. LOL" and it took him like 6 months to figure it out.

I'm pretty sure OP asked explicitly. The "estranged" part backs up the assumption that the mom's a cold-blooded bitch. She probably got disowned by the rest of the family for it.

Funny, my friend & I had an inside joke about lol meaning little old ladies. Oops, I guess its not so inside

If the mom knew and OP didn't, I think OP is the one estranged from the family.

Did you read the whole thing? It clearly says "my ESTRANGED mother"

85- Please tell me you're kidding and that you AREN'T a complete idiot.

I actually agree with 85. Doesn't say who was estranged just that their mom was estranged. Could be that OP just walked away from all of them. Considering the LOL I'm not blaming them if they did. My deepest sympathy OP. it's hard to lose someone you are close to.

It actually was 'Lots of Love' before it was widely used as 'laugh out loud'.

WhyCantIDoRight 5

YaaaaY! FMLKitten is here!

#106, "my estranged mother" just means "estranged from me", not "estranged from everyone". Otherwise, how would the mother have know about the dead gran before the daughter? It's more likely that the daughter is the disowned one/the one estranged from the family.

Post more stories to your blog doc!

epikarugger05 1

That sucks, OP. I'm truly sorry for your loss. :(

That's just plain horrible. Nothing to joke about here... *jetpack*

soccergurrll 8

OP I'm really sorry about your loss. Your mother was just being very insensitive.

ruthlessmofo 0

Sorry bby

habibiiiiiii 2

Yeah it sucks op had to find out from her douche of a mother

48- I think you meant to say "dam u str8 bby gurl"

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

51- especially over a text message

well that's just a disgusting thing to say about the women who gave birth to her (assuming it wasn't your father's mother, but still).

i_am_the_guy 1

LOL also means lots of love

Rebi3144 8

57- Other than people who are new to texting, I have never, EVER seen 'lol' used to say "lots of love."

Say the same to your daughter when she dies

57: #71 is right; telling people that LOL is short for "Lots of love" is like telling someone that "cunt" is short for "country". It's technically true, but also totally wrong. For example: "The USA has sent troops to many cunts," and, "Today looks like a fine day for a picnic in the cunt."

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

"He's eaten fine cuisine from many different cunts." I could go on, but I won't.

Allow me, Pretty_Pink_lady I love cunt music. I'm in another cunt right now I'll call you back. I'm gonna drive across the cunt. See that logic? genius.jpg

CaptainDoorknob 7

71 - I don't think you guys realize that was a reference to another FML where the mother thought it meant "Lots of Love".

SApprentice 34

132- No, it wasn't a reference to another FML. It is a common joke, and one that the very rare older person may actually believe to be true. It was in an FML, but that's probably not where they're getting it.

128 & 130: You guys rock! One more: "Ask not what your cunt can do for you; ask what you can do for your cunt!" 138: Bingo.

MiloBear 11

I know a few people who use LOL as lots of love. They weren't tricked by someone; they know the other meaning for it but they prefer the love version.

sylar88_fml 1

57 is right, "LOL" can be Misinterpret as "lots of love" I found out this out a couple years ago when my mother got her first iPhone and I texted her "lol" a lot for " laugh out loud" and when she found out what "lol" meant the way I used it she was a little bummed because she thought I was trying to cheer her up with lol.

CaptainDoorknob 7

138 - Ahh, thanks for enlightening me lol.

That's just pathetic

You're just pathetic

None of this is pathetic, it's just unbelievable

90- whats your problem?

Sounds like quite the mother you got there. sorry for your loss.


Some people's mothers!

kittytub 12

that's disgusting. i'm sorry for your loss.

I don't think "disgusting" is the right adjective. I'm feeling more "disturbing" "upsetting" "fucked up"

Or "disrespectful"

I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume she's estranged because she's a sociopathic cunt. Sorry for your loss.

Someone that is "psychopathic" does not make them a cunt, kind sir. For a cunt is a sex button and psychopathic is someone who is mentally disturbed. As for OP, I'm really sorry for your grandma. Your mom does not appear to be very supportive.

She's sociopathic and a cunt. Yes, sociopathic, not psychopathic - learn to read. When did I say the two are mutually inclusive? Are you stoned out of your mind right now, or did you think, when you were writing that nonsensical train-wreck of a comment, that you were actually being witty? I get the feeling that if I'd called her a "bitch", you'd have told me a bitch is a female dog and feigned confusion. And did you really just call a vagina a "sex button"?!

SeniorHaG 4

Damn! Even I felt the burn from that comment.

lmaouloser 5

Hell yes.

SongBiird got owned so hard.

I feel like #53 burnt #49 a little too hard, like sending a whiny toddler to the electric chair...

69 -By a shrike, nonetheless! Birdfight!

jojimugo 20

Damn shrike I bow down , that was a classy yet good burn....

Even if it was a person she hated a lot or anyone, we should never laugh about someone dying.

Are you sure? I think a few people would find people like Justin bieber and snooki dying fairly funny. That, and they'd be grateful lol.

63- Did JB and Snooki come to your house and eat your family, or did they just brutally murder your sense or humor? JB jokes are never funny and Snooks jokes are outdated, and they also help determine whether you lied about your age to register on this site. I hope you weren't actually expecting thumbs up because if someone dies, it's no laughing matter, end of story.

WhyCantIDoRight 5

70 - I agree 100%, I fucking hate Justin Bieber, The Jersey Whore cast and most singers these days for having no goddamn talent. But I wouldn't want them to die, As much as I joke about it.

Your mom sounds like the kind of person that kills Humans for enjoyment