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Today, my english teacher asked me why I didn't have my project completed. Thinking quick on my feet I told her it was because my grandmother had just passed away. Apparently they go to the same country club and have known each other for years. My teacher started crying and ran out of the room. FML
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suaveneanderthal 0

tell her the other grandma, you do have two you know. Even if the other one had already died

Okie7123 0

YDI. Now you're in even more of a pickle. Truth hurts. Suck it up


Well played, ma'am.

fmlfmlfml15 0

Well you do have two grandmothers. Tell her it was the other one.

This comment has not been buried because it does not suck ass.

The fuck. I didn't reply to this -.-

gigi37 0

The teacher probably asked which grandma it was since she knew one of them and the OP told her. In any event, this is still a horrible excuse and a big YDI. 16 and 10, are you really saying it's okay to pretend a relative died?

I think it is. It's not like they really did. Stop being so superstitious.

What #1 said. (b'-')b

the_stereotype 0

the teacher probably knew and she was getting back at you. you've got a smart teacher on your hands. anyway, why bother asking why they don't have it. if they have a legit reason, they'll come and tell you themselves.

I'm wholly with #26 here, it's very easy to lie about a grandparent being dead as even the most tight official definition means you have at least four. And more than that these days with divorces and step-parents and just the fact the phrase ISN'T one people usually keep to a tight official definition, anyone old and a friend of the family can be your "grandmother" or "granddad"

kindofgocrazy 0

That's what I was gonna say. Next time, how about a pet or a sibling's pet?

Reyo 2

Wait..."My grandma died" was what you came up with AFTER quick thinking? You need to be more creative than THAT. Tell her that it's on your work computer, but your boss decided to "upgrade" the printer by bringing in a crappier "new" version that isn't formatted to the new system.

never lie about something that big...

epicfailburger 0

you have a few options: kill your grandma, kill yourself, join the Mexican army,

And great-grandmothers as well.

27 is a bit scary.....

Okie7123 0

YDI. Now you're in even more of a pickle. Truth hurts. Suck it up

XxXHaCkErXxX 0

I agree with you completely. you dug your grave, only way to get out is to tell the truth and just grin and bear it.

suaveneanderthal 0

tell her the other grandma, you do have two you know. Even if the other one had already died

lol. Only way to describe this.

Face palm is the only way to react to this

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gigi37 0

Re-read the fml, maybe you'll get it. Take your time..

If one of my friends died without me I'd react that way too.

kaykay10xo 0

well arn't you alittle cold hearted...

What a lame excuse. What's wrong with 'I've been sick'?

If you fake sick, you probably need a medical certificate.

If you fake a dead Gma, you normally need a death certificate.

YDI. Don't come up with lame excuses, and never use someones apparent death as an excuse, you just saw what happened. If you have something unfinished, come up with an excuse in time and make sure it doesn't have anything to do with other persons, that way you won't get caught :P

rihannalover 0

ahaha wow, you could have said you left it at home... blah blah blah, i'm sick.... i moderated this!

I agree with #14.

suaveneanderthal 0

lol puttin a lot of pressure on number 14 eh? i hope its a troll from hell

YDI. That was a bitch move. What if your grandmother really dies? You would feel like such a douche. Next time, if you don't fail that class, use a more harmless excuse. Or here's a better idea: Do the work, and hand it in on time.