By scared - 04/08/2014 00:47 - Canada

Today, my elderly mother explained that, "I don't need my glasses to drive, I just need them to see." FML
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Time to hide away her car keys, or her car itself, depending on how old she is.

I would totally hide the car, hasn't Breaking Bad taught you anything?


Walt, isn't so?

football98_fml 20

Im confused right now

joemud 13


I meant isn't it so*

That still doesn't make any more sense...

I meant wait, isn't it so. Sorry!

Time to hide away her car keys, or her car itself, depending on how old she is.

Vanshikap 24

How would u hide her car?

Vanshikap 24

How would u hide her car?

If she's 85 years old, i really don't think it would be that hard. Do you?

Vanshikap 24

Wouldn't it be easier to just hide her keys? Or her glasses. That way she can't see enough to get to the car.

Well missy, I did say car keys aswell, didn't I?

Vanshikap 24

Well u also said car. Who the hell hides a car?

I would totally hide the car, hasn't Breaking Bad taught you anything?

#17 Everyone who can't pay the bills will hide the own car if necessary, trust me.

Vanshikap 24

Yeah, but we're referring to normal ppl here:P

Haha give it up, you won't win :p and normal is a point of perspective.

#22, I like your drive and motivation. Even though it isn't working you keeping trying hoping that it will. Salute.

#17, how to hide a car: Put it in a storage unit.

1. Get in car. 2. Drive car to nearest park. 3. Park car. 4. Leave car and go back home. There, car is now successfully hidden.

I think he said car because assuming OP's grandmother has her memory and somewhere she learned how to hotwire then the car itself must be hidden.

Well given the way a lot of people drive they probably don't need to see. She's onto something!

No, they still need to see so they can run you off the road properly.

oKap1 15

Well, if she needs glasses only to see close up things then she could drive without them.

What if she has no idea how fast she's going because she can't see the dashboard? Or a child walks out on the street? Even with perfect sight you'll never see anything so don't drive with anything less

Not sure why 13 got thumbed down, driving does kind of involve both long and short distance can't have just one or the other, you really need both.

Right?! Thank you..

jthmtwin 16

As right as they are I'm not sure if having screwy long distance vision and normal close vision and driving with you glasses on would work. I have a hard time with long distance but when wearing my glasses I can read crap up close, I have to take them off.

Now, that, is the blind leading the blind.

No-- it's just the blind driving.

I hope she isn't serious. She could hurt someone. If she is serious, I hope she gets a ticket to straighten her out...

For the safety of the public, please take her car keys away...

Pretty sure that's the DMV's philosophy on eyes.

chocolatefrog28 29

That makes me feel better being out on the road, goodness. I'm sure she's not the only one that thinks that way...

Who needs to see to drive?!? NOOBS!!