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Today, my eight year old son came to me and said he thinks it's time he started wearing bras. It turns out his older brother has been mind-fucking him for the past several months and has him convinced it's something all boys his age do. I can't convince him otherwise. FML
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  goshpeople  |  4

So much so, apparently, that the kid will believe the brother over his own mother. And over common sense. Ask him to look around and try to point out boys his age who are wearing bras.

  flockz  |  19

i once wore a bra on my balls once. it didnt really make a difference though. thats right i got balls the size of double D's.

(stands and looks around) do i have any takers? ladies? anyone? DAMNIT!!

( starts crying and hides under covers while rolling)

  xalerion  |  0

I dont know any intelligent and/or mature adult that uses the phrase mindfuck... Op, maybe he fell for it so easily due to the fact that the parameters for his intelligence were severely lowered and reduced by the incorporation/combination of your and your (possible) spouse's genes into/to make his DNA

So... Ydi?

  perdix  |  29

#29, moobs occurred to me, too, but he's not a man, he's a boy. The contraction for "boy boobs" would just be "boobs."

I think we need to come up for a word that captures the absurdity of fat little boys' tits. Of course, it reflects the downfall of our culture that we even have to have a word for fat little boys' tits!

  cachanilla86  |  4

After reading ALL THE FRICKEN COMMENTS on this FML... I wanna wear a Bra. Oh and teh matching pantiez would be nice. I'm 25 so it's time to take care of my developing Moobs. LOL

Seriously, we're talking about a bad family:

A brother "mind-fucks" with his little brother
The little brother believes anything the older brother tells to him
Bad parenting: How can a parent use the term "mind fuck" with his/her children!!! WTF!


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My ex girlfriend's tits were huge. They saved my life once. We were riding down a back road when a deer jumped out in front of us and made the horse rear back so hard, she fell off. I followed, and subsequently landed on her breast instead of the pavement. Then I broke up with her because her boobs didn't match.

If you believe that crock, pigs fly, leprechauns are real, and bears won't attack you if you have raw salmon hung around your neck.


My comment above was relevant to the comment stated that i commented on. I'm pretty sure that that said comment was not stated as a joke, I voiced my opinion on that comment and suddenly I'm wrong?? My comment wasn't intended to state that I have large breast it was intended to set that person straight on their perspective of the age girls start wearing bras. Therefore my comment was valid.

  neongurl98  |  10

I wouldn't say that you don't start wearing bras until you're 12 but you can before that. It can happen as early as 8 and as late as 17. But that's just facts!

  nerdfighteria  |  7

87- "Starting at nine" doesn't mean anything. For all we know you were just one of those annoying little girls who wore them just because you thought they made you look older even though you were flat.