By Anonymous - 17/02/2015 01:04 - United States - Oakland

Today, my drinking problem became apparent when my daughter asked for a glass of juice, and I instinctively poured a large glass of scotch instead. FML
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Ok, definitely time to get help...

Really good you caught your mistake instead of giving it to her.


Sounds like you need a drink.

Sounds like they need to stop.

sounds like 15 is a bit butthurt. get a sense of humor, this is funny

Are you serious #37? This is funny? Guess you have not had a loved one pass away because if this type of problem.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I have, but it doesn't mean that I can't laugh at a good alcoholism joke or that I'll completely disregard my loved one.

kazthesb 10

I think everyone needs to relax. #1 was just being ironic

joeyl2008 29

Damn 39. It's a joke not a dick, don't take it so hard.

Ok, definitely time to get help...

I completely agree with @2 Go get some help OP

JayVicious 20

yes OP you should probably seek help.....after this next drink.

Really good you caught your mistake instead of giving it to her.

It doesn't say that OP didn't give it to her. Maybe they did and the daughter told them to get help.

At least any child young enough to be asking her mom to pour them some juice wouldn't have made it any farther than a sip

Should pour a glass of juice and top with vodka. Get it right guy.

I knew some people were ignorant but not to this level omg..

I hope you this makes you realize that you need to be a responsible parent and quit drinking.

Get help ASAP

That would've been a nasty surprise

The first step is acknowledging it so I guess you're there

So, I'm Guessing you were drunk? Hopefully she did not take a sip yet.

jett0001 13

Well, how old is your daughter though?? Haha.

Young enough for a parent to pour her juice.

Sometimes I will ask my dad if he can get me something to drink if he's already in the kitchen getting himself something.