By Kara - 15/12/2011 21:43 - United States

Today, my downstairs neighbor had a home birth. Not only did I hear eighteen hours of uninterrupted screaming, they called me afterwards, asking if I could come over to help them clean up. FML
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txgirl2013 14

Like a good neighbor OP is there :) ha

LiL_Dub 2

Gross! No way, they need to clean up their own bodily fluids!


txgirl2013 14

Like a good neighbor OP is there :) ha

15 minutes could save you 15 perc--oh, never mind

Hopefully the baby will be in "good hands"

downstairs neighbors are lucky to have a vampire upstairs :D

dethbunny 0

I'm sorry, I don't speak stupid.

Ohhhhh... OP must be the girl from 4E!

THIS IS SPARTA!!!! Oh look a baby

can I get a hot tub?!

#36 that does not make any sense and was really weird

I think they need more help than just a cleaning. I know times might be bad, but save yourselves and OP the displeasure and go to a hospital next time.

Don't worry...I liked your comment

Babyseal420 7

With a mop and bucket.

SayPeanuts 29

At least you didn't have to push a baby out of your vajayjay...

shift_love 13

Clean up that gumbo pot.

At least you didn't have to hear "oh my god, i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming...."

They probaly wouldnt be haveing a baby...

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

I'm guessing OP heard that around 9 months ago.

Imagine op hearing the baby screaming that....

yohooooooo 5

that's hot

bugmenotmofo 34

No it's not.

Make them pay you .

Well OP get use to the screaming. New borns are infamous for their constant crying...

Your comments suck .

What are you trying to say?

placenta obviously

Are those extra A's really necessary?

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

I think the extra 'A's accentuate the awesomeness of afterbirth.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Ah, alliteration is astounding.

I used to think that was funny, but then i took an arrow to the knee

LiL_Dub 2

Gross! No way, they need to clean up their own bodily fluids!

leogirl95 12

You said no, right?

I hope OP said no

Well get on over there!

Why? That's disgusting

KellyIsTheBest32 12

I think 6 was using sarcasm.

It is gross. Lol. As much as people say child birth is beautiful, it is.... But watching the baby come out is absolutely nasty. I wish I didn't agree to be with my friend during hers. The screams and everything aren't bad. Right when the baby is about to crown it has some weird gooey bubble come out with it. I was told that was part of the fluid... *shudders* it was like alien.

Her water bag was still intact so the baby was born in a bubble which means the baby is a bubble baby and that only happens in like 1 out of every 2,000 or more births. When I had my kids no bubble popped out before them lol j

HoboSmeller 6

was it a boy or a girl?

btnhdude 0

You ask the question but ill bet you know you wont get an answer.

KiddNYC1O 20

You never know. OPs do comment my friend.

They do comment, although I've only seen it once you never know

Ins0mau 20

Does it really matter to you?

Make sure not to wear anything white, blood can stain!

Yes another portal fan!

crazyrunnergirl 7

I would hope you said no

mikeeg 0

lol, me too.

M0rt 0

Crazyrunnergirl get back to the kitchen

MagicGiraffe 12

OP's too busy cooking in the kitchen... ;)

aantho_fml 0

Be polite and bring a gift.

yumlicious 4

Then GTFO (and not clean)...

Yes, the gift of Lysol.