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  yankfan89  |  27

That would be completely impractical to take a day off of work so OP can scratch his balls. Also scratching makes it worse. I would suggest some anti-itch cream. I have eczema and anti-itch cream works for me.

  desireev  |  17

Hydrocortizone is your friend!

Actually, as gross as it sounds, take raw eggs and stir them up, rub the mixture on your affected area (Lol), and wait for it to dry completely! Not at work, of course. But do it when you get home and it'll help tremendously with the itching!

Pics or it didn't happen! Haha!
Good luck, OP! :)

  Roevera  |  14

Eczema usually lasts more than one day so taking one day off would be useless. I have eczema OP, obviously not on my scrotum..... But it still sucks, because it feels so orgasmic to just scratch it, only it makes it 10x worse!


Never heard of that.
But it made me laugh, because I was thinking of how hilarious your comment would sound in Spanish. The word for "eggs" is the same as the word for "balls."

  LittlestV  |  28

My sister has eczema, and so as not to keep scratching she slaps it to try and take the itch away. Probably best for OP not to slap *his* eczema though...

  stephan18  |  23

He gets carried away with the itching and people think he's masturbating, they'd have to put up signs warning people in the office not to do it, all because of OP.