By needtoscratch - 05/09/2012 14:06 - United States - Duluth

Today, my dormant eczema decided to come back with a vengeance - on my scrotum. I work in an open office and can't scratch unless I repeatedly run into the restroom. FML
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Or you could just embrace a role as the office sleazebag! Slapping asses and making dirty comments all while handling your crotch! Could be fun?

rein 8

That sucks balls.


rein 8

That sucks balls.

perdix 29

Are you saying that scrotal eczema is a wonderful thing? If not, you just haven't had that performed properly on you ;)

MichellinMan 20

Buy a bottle of aloe vera, works like a wonder.

coughyochick 7

Perdix got 9 thumbs down? IMPOSSIBRU

I just hope like FUCK there isn't a No Masturbating sign up in your place of work! One scratch, you're out...

Or you could just embrace a role as the office sleazebag! Slapping asses and making dirty comments all while handling your crotch! Could be fun?

mollysticks 10

Like Eminem haha

theslimshadylp 6


mollysticks 10

How he's portrayed, not how he actually acts.

"Smackin ass and taking names." I think I just thought of a new saying...

And then when the itching stops, pretend nothing happened. If someone mentions it, stare at them blankly, like "WTF are you talking about?"

unlucky90 4

You can't ask for the day off? Sorry though, that sucks

That would be completely impractical to take a day off of work so OP can scratch his balls. Also scratching makes it worse. I would suggest some anti-itch cream. I have eczema and anti-itch cream works for me.

desireev 17

Hydrocortizone is your friend! Actually, as gross as it sounds, take raw eggs and stir them up, rub the mixture on your affected area (Lol), and wait for it to dry completely! Not at work, of course. But do it when you get home and it'll help tremendously with the itching! Pics or it didn't happen! Haha! Good luck, OP! :)

43 - cool advice and all (not sure eggs on OP's scrotum would be pleasant) but why would you want to see pics of that? :P

desireev 17

47- How long have you been on FML? Lol

Eczema usually lasts more than one day so taking one day off would be useless. I have eczema OP, obviously not on my scrotum..... But it still sucks, because it feels so orgasmic to just scratch it, only it makes it 10x worse!

Never heard of that. But it made me laugh, because I was thinking of how hilarious your comment would sound in Spanish. The word for "eggs" is the same as the word for "balls."

That was supposed to be a reply to #43, not #3. Guess it posted wrong.

In Finnish too. And as a bonus, whipping eggs is slang for masturbating.

If anyone says this is a shitty situation...

how is that even relevant?

senbonzakura90 3


And I thought my jokes were bad ^^

I don't ever thumb down... Your such a dipshit I did.

This is a shitty situation...

eternal7 6

... then their comment would be as dumb as yours.

FilleNoir 21

-30 Harsh Much? It is not that serious

patacus 14

I hate it when I shit from my scrotum.

MichellinMan 20

Sir, that pun implies feces. Now tell me, do you shit out your scrotum?

I think someone mistook "scrotum" for "rectum"....

Surely there's at least one treatment you could use? When I was 10 I had it on my arms and there was creams etc.

Fishinaddict22 1

AND! While applying the cream why not knock out two birds with one stone eh? eh? *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

And cream makes for good lubricant.

16 was totally not hinting at that..

mnfer 7

40 - I'm pretty sure 16 is talking about OP, not a 10 year old.

#5 - There IS at least one treatment OP can use. And don't call him Shirley.

CaughtTheMermaid 5

I guess his eczema is quite bad.. I still have them right now and sometimes I just can't stop scratching even if I take medicines AND put creams on D:

My sister has eczema, and so as not to keep scratching she slaps it to try and take the itch away. Probably best for OP not to slap *his* eczema though...

Being in a public place rarely seems to limit ball-scratching. Just go to town under your desk if you're that nervous about it.

That's not eczema! :O Sorry, just kidding, but that is a really awful place for eczema to manifest...

olpally 32

Stop busting our balls with this story and just scratch away already... Jeez.. What's the worst that could happen? Lol.

He gets carried away with the itching and people think he's masturbating, they'd have to put up signs warning people in the office not to do it, all because of OP.

olpally 32

Touché... Hahaha.

It gets worse and spreads, and gets sticky and painful . I have bad eczema. I go to a dermatologist. What an awful place to have it

Man i cant imagine that down there...

And that's how OP discovered he had crabs

erica_ryan3 1

That's rude/weird!:/

Wow man sorry and sorry to your scrotum as well