By crazydog - 10/06/2011 20:39 - United Kingdom

Today, my dog surprised everyone by somehow managing to climb on the roof. I followed him up and spent the next hour trying to catch him. FML
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Well, thats doggone crazy!



Well, thats doggone crazy!

Meh, dogs suck anyway.

I don't know who or what that is. So I'm going to just smile, and agree. :)

redneck0328 5

how the fuck did your dog climb on the roof?

how not did he climb a roof

redneck0328 5

it's a dog... last time I checked, dogs can't use ladders or scale the side of a house. but that's just me

he's making you fetch. now who's the bitch? :)

at least your not the dog! haha youd be lost and furry. freak? i think so? YDI bitches

Hey Redneck, maybe the dog is on crack. You never know.

imacreeper 3

I know many dogs who are even afraid to jump off the edge of a bed. If your dog is running away from you, on a roof, then you are doing something wrong.

my dog does that if we leave our ladder set

26. my dog can climb a 5 foot ladder up and into my pool.

68 now ur just lying to start an argument

Aaaabeee 0


SwaggerMelon 6

Should of had a V8.

shaubygal 11

every time I read your comments I have to read it In joes voice from family guy cuz of your profile pic!!!

Who let the dogs out What a overplayed song

crs121492 1

that's why I like cats. they do what they want and no one questions it

What about climbing trees?

i hate cats. i have ailuphobia. hahaha look it upp.

Only a retard would try to get a cat from a tree; if they can get themselves up on their own, they can get back down on their own.

A7X_LoVeee 10

What? That doesn't make sense because obviously the dog was doing what he wanted.

SummerRuby 1

#53 - It's ailurophobia, not ailuphobia.

taylorisrandom4 0

i love cats

KiddNYC1O 20

54- I wonder why they always show them being rescued by fire fighters on tv...

swimbro 0

that's just your dog helping you exercise

salvorican 24

I agree. The dog was tryna tell u something op..

and hence I hate dogs!!!! yuckieee

And McDonalds hates you v

holy crap that's a smart dog!!!!!!!

thisdue1775 0

did you fall?

You're dog's a troll.

He corrected himself? Fail troll

you should have spared yourself and waited for him to come down on his own instead.

thebestof1984 0

Your dog is a fucking genius!!!

Like UR bike riding dog...

Like UR bike riding dog...