By vanessa560 - Canada
Today, my dog started limping as we were walking home. I thought she'd hurt herself, so I picked her up and carried her home. Once we arrived, I put her down, at which point she ran around and played as if nothing had happened. I fell for my lazy dog's plan to get me to carry her home. FML
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  bamagrl410  |  31

I believe 1 was saying the dog would get the owner to fetch & rollover because she would fall for it. In other words, smart dog. Knows how to get its way lol

  cameron194  |  9

lol badbrock , have you ever taken the time to look at a dogs foot.. most dogs have five pads kinda like fingers.. only huskies and stuff have furry feet and even then it just an excess of fur growing inbetween their pads.. ya never seen dog slippers, there not there to make the dog look cute


Omg its so fuuckin cold outside. Dx
Im in ontario too and its like -20 with a chill ._.
smartass dog you have there OP.
Anyone wanna tell me what OP means? :D
I know where to use it just dunno what it means.