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Are you kidding? There are loads of Christmas cards about at the moment. Most people I know have distributed all of theirs.

Your dog can probably hum a Clay Aiken tune, and you don't even acknowledge his existence. Nothing more needs to be said.


yes you are. if you went to my school I'd probably beat you up. cuz I'm the toughest guy on the Internet! nat


Why? That's a rather stupid thing to say! So what if the dog got a christmas card! Why kill a perfectly healthy dog for recieving a christmas card!? What dumbass gave birth to you? You must really hate animals for no reason! What have they ever done! No animal deserves to die for no good reason! Not even pits! You must be mental or something! Somebody please stop me from finding this slutnugget and choking him to death after I toss him into a bon fire to roast with marshmellows!!

I know people that send cards to people's dogs. It is a rather odd thing to do, but it happens. Not much of an FML here. Some people send their Christmas cards out later than others. For instance, I don't recieve mine until about December 20th, and my sister receives hers from her friends around December 10th. People send cards at different times. Sometimes there is a delay of when they will be sent because the most mail is sent out during the holidays. It's just what happenens. And don't

Yeah, but his gift was a certificate for a free de-worming. You're better off waiting for the good stuff. Maybe you'll get a discount on a root canal or something.


Twenty bucks says the dog sent the card to himself so he didn't appear to be the most pathetic mammal in the house.

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