By Dog fart - 13/02/2010 16:08 - United States

Today, my dog farted next to my CPAP sleep/breathing machine. The machine sucked up her fart, compressed it, and promptly injected it up both of my nostrils. FML
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i read "CPAP" as CRAP. it made it a whole lot funnier.


ydi for needing a breathing I'm jk that sucks.

Someone doesn't know what jk means.

fail wondercut fail

Fail BigBoii fail. @xandervincent: Adding jk to a statement that's incredibly ignorant and stupid does not make it funny.

LMAO! you cracked me so up with that! i really shouldn't laugh, though... oh, well! bwahaha!

115 Probably because making fun of someone for something they can't control has never been funny. you have been enlightened.

i read "CPAP" as CRAP. it made it a whole lot funnier.

wow I did too =P

Disappearing comments.. ignore..

What does cpap stand for?? and btw, fyl, dude, that sucks xD

according to wikipedia it's Continuous positive airway pressure

Nice defintion!!!

#5 you and OP's dog, according to wondercut. ;)

Yeah, I kept reading CRAP too, and not just the first time. I was thinking "Crap? Crap?! Really?!" I clearly need glasses or something. Agreed that it's funnier that way, though XDD

I saw it was crap too! I was like WTF lmfao

Your Dicks Infected and Orgasm Peach

i thought it was orgasmic pussy.

Ugh, that's gross. FYL indeed

great luck

thats hot

Maybe you forgot to feed your dog and he just wanted to get back at you?? xD Dog FTW

smart dog

hahah I love u Jake! you so funny! I'd make that dog eat my shit haha! wouldn't u do the same Jake wouldn't you!? I'm on the phone! good god! ~yur welcome!

#137 Who. Cares.

"I feed you Pedigree, that doesn't smell like Pedigree... Is this your way of telling me you've been cheating on me? Is it with that old lady across the street? Is it because that bitch feeds you Blue Buffalo???" Don't worry, OP. I've had dogs cheat on me with the smelly man across the street. One piece of chicken from a smelly man and a dog loves him for life!