By oops... / Friday 12 September 2014 05:50 / Canada - Sylvan Lake
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  baseballbv  |  17

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  Googolman  |  28

Er, you do realize different animals like to eat different things? Just because it tastes bad for a human doesn't mean it tastes bad for an animal. Just look at birds; they eat worms.

  Googolman  |  28

39 - Well, dogs, like humans, can indeed like some foods over others. However, most dogs would be willing to eat regular dog food, as well. Just because they would rather eat a steak doesn't mean they dislike the dog food. Personally, I like strawberries more than I like raspberries, but if strawberries were unavailable, I could certainly make do with raspberries.

  amisenho  |  11

I agree with #6! There's one brand of dog treat that resembles an Oreo sandwich cookie. It's made with dog-friendly peanut butter, carob, and flour, and it tastes all right, compared to commercially-owned cookies. Also, have you ever visited a pet-friendly bakery? They make cookies for dogs that would make your homemade gingerbread cookies look and taste like crap.

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