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  mrd10  |  0

I clean my room vaccume the house mow the lawn do the dishes and help out with my 3 year old brother so shove your "she does more then other kids these days up" your ass!

  wink568  |  0

Me too! My sister used pledge on the stairs at my parent's house. And I was carrying a pizza, so not only did I hurt all over, I had to wash my clothes because I had pizza all over.

By  lmpinto  |  0

Remember not all of your readers have pledge available in their markets. I, for instance, have no idea what it is - I just know that it is a cleaning product. What's wrong with that?

  Evilbeagle  |  0

It's used to polish wooden surfaces. I haven't looked to see where you are, but if you are in the UK, think Mr. Sheen.

Pledge tends to make surfaces REALLY slick, and I totally feel sorry for the OP.