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  Keevarou  |  16

Some people feel love towards inanimate objects like computers and such, because it's a big part of their life :)
And always a support and so on.
People tend to love supportive instances, one the many reasons to love your pet.
But spreading ashes on a laptop/computer is kind of original, but kind of creepy idea..
But hey, I'm not to judge :)
At least you should be glad you have a daughter that can be open to you about most things ^^

  iseyixes  |  18

36- so it's normal for her to be so obsessed/emotionally attached to her laptop that she actually thinks a proper place for her ashes to be spread would be her laptop?? Suppose there were many people out there requesting to spend there afterlife with their favorite electronic device, after they spent an unhealthy amount of time during their life with it already. Would you think about being buried with your flat screen? No and I don't know that anyone would.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

A taboo is something society has proscribed as unacceptable or prohibited. Having your ashes spread on a laptop is weird, but there's no rule against it, either religious or legal.

  iseyixes  |  18

55- yes I know what taboo is. I was not saying this is currently recognized taboo, I was just making the comment that by social definition it is considered strange/taboo. And there are a few taboos known in society that have not really had a formal religious or legal rule against, but people still put a taboo label. So yes if I went to a wake or funeral and saw this being done I would definitely be thinking wtf?