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  ohmygeezz  |  0

yes noob I posted to #1becaise in reality who wants to go to the bottom of the list just to state their opinion...sooo get over it

and OP your husband sucks

  zinc890  |  0

Regular people are the ones waiting with a g36c in their hands laughing hysterically while waiting in the open.

As much as I love ninjas, weebus bring them bad and dishonorable names.

  ALegitNinja  |  0

@262 WTF? Ninjas always win. Why do you think Ninjas get all the cool stealth stuff and while samurais walk around trying to hit you with their swords ninjas just go and stab you from behind?

  Spoozie  |  0

HAHA!!that's so random "jeasus is da bomb" haha wow. XD hahah "all my stripper friends all my ex boyfriends we all want the sameee thinggg" haha that songs cracks me up.


Not necessarily. But, sometimes you have to see the humor in life. That's why I joke.

What do you want me to say?

"That's incredibly sad. Your husband is cheating on you and your daughter wants to end up as a person without a future. OP, I don't know how much there is you could do but get a divorce. I feel so sorry for you. FYL."

  MadaZer0  |  8

I find it very cute... I could just hug and squeeze you until you die~ Even then will I still continue to hug your motionless body

WTF... I... Think I already said that D: