By ShayisPay101 - 15/02/2010 18:58 - United States

Today, my daughter told me she wanted to be a stripper when she grew up, just like daddy's girlfriend. We're still married. FML
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MermaidSongXOXO 6

Take her to the local fire station and ask if she could use their pole. Practice makes perfect :)


snickelfrits 0

oh damn!

OmgGuessWhatChic 0

Someday i wanna deal drugs like mommys baby daddy

Horney4her69 0

awww how sweet.

u answered to #1 too, u fucking retard.

Billbo23 0

u dumb fuck

time for an ass whoopen lmao

xlostwithoutu 0

Ouch sorry :(

Well, is she fit?

jesus is da bomb

CaliGirl311 0

OMG what a husband lol

pedobear is quite amused

ninja_ness 3

how about ouch

MXavierT 0

Well as long as she stays in shape and keeps those hips lose, anything's possible!

what a nice life you must have working the streets

oh well, what are u gonna do about it

you're a stripper!!!??? how much? ; ) lolz

Well I'm not a carpenter but shouldn't you say her life is fucked with the hookers and the panties and not making it in the porn buisness.


AngryNinja 1

tripout, chill on the caps. it doesn't make you cool.

MadaZer0 8

What the hot ninja just said~

AngryNinja 1

ahh, Mad, you made me blush. ;)

Ninjas always win. I think OP neglected to say she had a pole in her bedroom and the daughter found tapes while searching for episodes of Blues Clues.

AngryNinja 1

wow, Mads. i dunno if i wanna know how you make yourself blush. o.O

toni27 0

wowww15. what a way to set goalss for itself ahahhahahahah lmfao

omg is that u Macey?

agreed. ALL CAPS is lame. very.

thoughtcrimeno1 0

foolish fool! pancakes are much better than eggs.

@216 Not so! Samurai always win,and with more Honor than chicken shit ninja!! That's why they hide!

No offence AngryNinja!

AngryNinja 1

ninjas hide so they can slit your throat without scaring the shit out of you. we're much more humane. samurai are guys who're too big to be ninjas.

how'd I know this was a story from the south

ohmygeezz 0

yes noob I posted to #1becaise in reality who wants to go to the bottom of the list just to state their opinion...sooo get over it and OP your husband sucks

RaKum12 0

do I hear a 3 some in da near future?

vrock 0

nice ;)

not anymore! :)

Regular people are the ones waiting with a g36c in their hands laughing hysterically while waiting in the open. As much as I love ninjas, weebus bring them bad and dishonorable names.

who cares about ninjas and it has nothing to do with this post... wow losers

BbyLenuh 0


XTheDesertSongX 17

ooh but what about waffles??

all fmls are clearly troll attempts

Using all caps makes you sound like a douche. Don't do it.

@262 WTF? Ninjas always win. Why do you think Ninjas get all the cool stealth stuff and while samurais walk around trying to hit you with their swords ninjas just go and stab you from behind?

Osnap! Just like barbie!

tweetbaby14 18

hey I'm a stripper according to my friends. don't be a stripper hater

Spoozie 0

HAHA!!that's so random "jeasus is da bomb" haha wow. XD hahah "all my stripper friends all my ex boyfriends we all want the sameee thinggg" haha that songs cracks me up.

XCaLX_fml 0

injas r the fuckin best thing ever i am 1

I totally love those muppet commentators

trudat, spez. we all wanted to be weird things when we were younger — i wanted ti be a lawyer

do chickens have large talons?

ringmybell_fml 0

no... your mum does though

kitty_f 3


They would if they were obese. Chicken's are devil spawn. That's why I eat them...victory tastes good.

WhatANoob 0

LOL NICE. Wides number?

E40_fml 0

That sucks.

awwww that sucks

garuru 4

u werent curious y she was paying rent in singles haha

that comment doesn't make sense.

#7 you're not reading correctly. Her daughter is young so how can she pay rent?

EV34 6

#7 means that his wife/girlfriend or whatever is paying rent with singles, not the little girl

and how would the poster know how the stripper gf was paying her rent if she found outabout the cheating husband now? Terribly un-funny attemp at a joke. huge fail.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Take her to the local fire station and ask if she could use their pole. Practice makes perfect :)

MadaZer0 8

Wow every comment you post ends up as a joke doesn't it?

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Not necessarily. But, sometimes you have to see the humor in life. That's why I joke. What do you want me to say? "That's incredibly sad. Your husband is cheating on you and your daughter wants to end up as a person without a future. OP, I don't know how much there is you could do but get a divorce. I feel so sorry for you. FYL."

These are Perdix's long lost children trying to live up to his name.

to tell the truth, I would like it if you made a joke on one of my fml's. They're really funny… sometimes.

wow. nice way to see a comment about a stripping kid...

Well mermaidsong, I thought it was funneh :D also, that's suck OP :(

bluesclues72 0

mermaid, ur pro pic freaks me the hell out

MermaidSongXOXO 6

#176 You have no idea how many times I've been told that -_- But, my question is why?

AngryNinja 1

i like it tara. it's cool and very un-freaky.

MadaZer0 8

I find it very cute... I could just hug and squeeze you until you die~ Even then will I still continue to hug your motionless body WTF... I... Think I already said that D:

ravensunnyd 0

it's the face she's making

AngryNinja 1

looking up at the camera is freaky..?

MadaZer0 8

If anyones pic shoud look creepy it should be mines >.< Fear Lelouch! Fear him and his almighty Geass!!!

AngryNinja 1

mad, shh. there's enough insanity on this thread without throwing the jester in the mix. now.. where's my axe..?

Daddy could put one in her Barbie Playhouse.

I think Mada is cool I like reading ur comments... you make my day does ur name have anything to do with Madara?

Wow that really sucks.  I have no smart comment for this.

As usual then? ;)

Aw, that's not cool. 

ImRawrtastic 0

nice pic65 it's reli..unique :)

Don't be a hater. -ALN

BannedStory 0

lols no comment xD

thats why u commented, rite ;)