By WhosGoingToCleanThisUp - 26/02/2016 19:52 - United Kingdom

Today, my daughter taught me the literal meaning of "When the shit hits the fan." FML
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Railroader 16

Just waiting for all those crappy puns to appear

Have fun cleaning that up!


Have fun cleaning that up!

Op's name suggest they are having none of that.

Well, it's either that, or just bear the "pleasant" smell of baby poop for eternity.

Railroader 16

Just waiting for all those crappy puns to appear

That's a shitty situation mwahahahaa bring on the down votes :(

I bet it'll be a real shitstorm of them.

I'm just picturing shit being spun everywhere and my germaphobe-self is cringing.

Nothing like a whirling shit-maelstrom to brighten up one's day

Ah shit, poor you, having to clean that mess up. Good luck OP, and may the shitgods be ever on your side in the future.

Teach her "when the mother makes the little shit clean the shit" because she is the shit.

OP is male, and assuming the kid is very young, it would be wrong to make her clean it up - hell, she probably didn't know what she did was wrong until after she did it.

You didn't know what that meant?

Quite this literally, no.

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Obviously she just explained it literally ... Why would it be an FML if she actually threw shit on the fan? Seriously, what parent doesn't hope for the joy of having to clean up a mess like that? I know I do.

I really wish comments could be deleted!

AHzulu 25

I wouldn't worry about it.

JuicyJJ 9

At least now u know!

Ahh, the joys of parenting.

andrmac 25

Depending how old glove her up and hand her the sponge and disinfectant.