By Anonymous - 10/12/2009 14:34 - United States

Today, my daughter's school called to inform me that I needed to bring her some sneakers. Not feeling like driving the 15 minutes to her school, I told them I was away from town. Then I realized I was on my house phone. FML
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HuskyButt 0

"I lied, just because I am lazy, but I couldn't even do it right." Oh yeah, obviously your life is terrible.

Mother of the year of the year award goes to... (drum roll) ...Not you, you lazy bitch.


too lazy to give up 30 minutes for your daughter? More like FY daughters L :/

FMLinCA 12

wooooooow... selfish! FY daughter's L is right...

Whoa... how did you reply to nothingness!?

Look at this.. it's an article discussing this incident..

mr_creosote 0

Wooooooow... I actually fell for that.

[email protected] it getting blocked. You whiney babies!

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GR3453m0nk3y 4

definite fail and OP, you couldve saved the time writing all that and instead just put "I'm a lazy, horrible, cunt for a mom"

OP, your child should be taken away from you and you should be sterilized. Parents like you make me fucking sick.

Don't be ridiculous. It's not a big deal and the OP might've had a very good reason for not feeling like taking over half an hour out of her day to take sneakers to her daughter. Also, if the OPs daughter was over the age of 10 she should have been organised enough to remember them in the morning and most good parents would let this teach them a lesson about being responsible for getting themselves ready in the morning.

HuskyButt 0

"I lied, just because I am lazy, but I couldn't even do it right." Oh yeah, obviously your life is terrible.

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What a brilliant mum.

youthink_fml 0

What a lowlife piece of shit.

Get off your lazy ass. Its only 30 minutes out of your life to drive to your kids school and back.. YDI

Yeah, and it would have taken her daughter less than 1 minute to remember to pack her shoes in the morning. Next time she's a lot more likely to than if mummy dropped what she was doing and leaped into the car to take her something that's not that essential.

deoxylophone 0

Yeah and people are supposed to be responsible for their children. She could have reminded her daughter to pack her sneakers. Plus, her kid's probably in elementary school. You can't expect a 10 year old to remember everything.

YDI... I drive 6 hours each way to SEE my son, and you can't take half an hour out of your lazy, sitting at home life to help your daughter out when she needs you? wow...

So your son doesn't live with you, and you can't make an effort to live closer but the OP who has her daughter living with her and spends one hour in her car every day as it is driving her to and from school is the bad parent? Get real.

#202, You really enjoy just throwing words around randomly into posts don't you? You really should go back to school and learn some reading comprehension.

"throwing words around randomly into posts" doesn't really make sense. Maybe you should take your own advice as my post made perfect sense as a response to the post I was replying to.

scarletpenguin 16

@ Twinklestar Apparently, you're a miserable bitch with a negative vibe who has nothing better to do but be bitter and sour. Please do everyone a favor by never breeding. We don't need more nonsensical fools like you around in the world.

Some people need to calm down... difference of opinion doesn't necessarily mean you can instantly assume things of the other person. OP, I probably wouldn't have felt like going there, too, but for my daughter I would have gotten over it and helped her.

iBiteRoses 22

Oh, stop fucking whining, no one gives a fuck what you think of anyone else's comment. Suck a fucking dick. <3

pcentral 17

#254: Miserable people such as yourself are the reason I am pro-choice.

It IS only 30 minutes, and we all know if the school takes the time to call then it's for a legit reason. I'm a [email protected] mom of 5 and I always go if I receive a call. My kids know they can count on me to be there for them any time, any place and any age. I think #9 has an excellent point.

Mother of the year of the year award goes to... (drum roll) ...Not you, you lazy bitch.

Most awesome comment ever. Yeah OP is a lazy fucking bitch.

lol, I was going to say "Mother of the Year" before scrolling through the comments. Good shit.

suesblues 0

Awesome, babygraperfruit!

Actually, there is a feature were you can forward your home phone calls to your cell. I have that feature. HOWEVER YOU ARE A SAD SAD MOTHER FOR NOT WANTING TO DRIVE TO GET YOUR DAUGHTER SNEAKERS. SHE WAS PROBABLY COLD WHILE YOU WERE WARM AND COZY AT HOME. BITCH.

NotEven 0

Just reiterating what everyone else has already said. You are lazy and a bad mother. You can't drive 15 minutes for your daughter? And you lied about it too. I have a feeling the rest of the comments on this are going to follow suit. And I hope you read them and realize you need to get off your ass and take better care of your kids.