By jasmine - 10/6/2019 14:00
Today, my daughter is 16 hours-old and cries every time I pick her up, and refuses to be breast fed. She loves sleeping peacefully in her dad’s arms, and being bottle-fed by him. My 16 hour-old baby hates me. FML
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By  MandySkittles  |  18

I went through this exact same thing with my daughter.. She absolutely refused to breastfeed and would only drink from a bottle, otherwise she would scream until she'd fall asleep.. Wake up.. Refuse to feed and would continue screaming. DO NOT feel guilty about bottle feeding! Also, don't listen to the morons cramming 'breast is best' down your throat. Only YOU know what is best for your baby and you're not robbing her of anything if you're bottle feeding or using formula. I know plenty of formula fed only kiddos that turned out very well. It took me a long time to stop feeling guilty about not being able to breastfeed.. But really, my baby is happy and healthy and I'm sure yours is too. Also, my daughter is ahead of schedule with milestones and is in the 97th percentile for her height and she was bottle fed as well :) Go easy on yourself, postpartum is a heck of a trip! Sometimes it takes a while for that bond to develop, but you'll get there. It gets easier too, I promise! She does not hate you, she spent nine months listening to your voice and growing inside you - she'll learn how to express that love for you very soon!

By  baristalbc  |  18

You had her all to yourself for 40 weeks. Give dad a shot to bond and enjoy to peace and rest. A mom as loving, involved, and concerned as you will win her over in no time.