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By  TCRII  |  29

She’s already wrapping daddy around her little finger. LOL

By  TCRII  |  29

She’s already wrapping daddy around her little finger. LOL

By  Josh Bednar  |  7

Force her to be near you. Exposure therapy. Don't give her a choice. Eventually survival will kick in and she'll have to feed from you. Breast is best. Hopefully he's using your milk.

By  Akitakat  |  31

Sometimes it takes days for milk to come in. Don’t sweat it. Your beautiful new baby loves you both very much. They’ve been inside you for 9 months & know Mom very vey well. There is no separating that! Just give them a little time to get acquainted with their daddy. Also, use this spare time to get some rest. You’ll need it! Congratulations!

By  Akitakat  |  31

Didn’t see my comment but I also wanted to add that it takes time to get into the rhythm of breast feeding. Don’t stress it! You can pump & dad can use your milk in bottle very similar to you, if this is what you are doing. We moms tend to get very emotional after birth. Hoping only for the best! Shalom...

By  bubblebass  |  15

I know it is difficult right now, but your baby does not hate you. Like others have said, it might take a bit for breast milk to fully “let down”. The best way to help milk come in is actually putting your baby to the breast as much as you can. Pumping helps, but having your baby skin-to-skin at your breast will release hormones that will help momma and baby and lactation. A bottle flows much faster (even the ones that attempt to approximate the breast) and the baby has to work a bit more at the breast, so that is probably why she seems to “prefer” being bottle fed by her daddy- she gets a faster flow of milk without much work. It is rough being a new mom, but you’ll ease into it. Again, putting her at your breast -her skin against yours will help so very much in every way (there is a lower risk for Postpartum depression in breastfeeding mothers too). If you are still having trouble ask your healthcare provider to get you in touch with a lactation consultant. There are many groups that help for free or very little cost as well, like La Leche League.

By  childlessmother  |  16

You are stressing yourself out. If you are stressed the baby senses it and will cry. I understand the desire to breastfeed feed but calmly pick her up and see if she will bottle feed with you first. Don’t take it personally

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

I do not have children but am aware that some babies need to learn to be breast fed.