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Today, my daughter in law sent me another romantic text that was meant for her husband. Not only can't she spell for shit, the clichés she uses are horrifyingly embarrassing. The fact this keeps happening makes me want to slam her head in the oven. FML
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Meant for "her husband"...suuuuuure it was. I wouldn't bother slamming her head in the oven. I've tried that on numerous FML commenters to no avail. I recommend a taser. The spelling isn't better, but at least they're quiet for a few minutes.

Whoa. Anger issues much?


Meant for "her husband"...suuuuuure it was. I wouldn't bother slamming her head in the oven. I've tried that on numerous FML commenters to no avail. I recommend a taser. The spelling isn't better, but at least they're quiet for a few minutes.

Time for a long-term solution.

People like her don't deserve to reproduce.

Why use a taser when OP can use pepper spray in the car with the window rolled up?

OP sounds like a monster in law!

Doc bastard you sound like my kind or person you know crazy as hell

This FML sounds like something DocBastard would post.

hedge clippers to the throat may or may not be a more long term solution but I need more testing in that

23- I see what you did there. But seriously, terrible spelling makes me want to punch a kitten with a baby. Y U NO SPEL RITE.

I hate it when people can't spell correctly in messages. Most of the time you can't understand what they're saying because the spelling and grammar is so bad. It makes me lose faith in this generation.

I bet that oven gets more head then you.....

Aaah! I know I risk being berated by docbastard by commenting on somebody else's picture, but it's so cool to find another doctor who fan!

97 - Guy: "I'm so ugly, no girls ever like me, I have the sex appeal of a chair." Guy2: " I dunno man, chairs get a lot of ass."

You can change your number and then only give it to your son. Maybe she will get the hint. Or you could send her a text explaining that you want to slam her head in the oven. If this is a repeat offense then I do not see it as being an accident. I think she does this just to get on your nerves.

hey Doc ever try a crossbow ? better range:) also just rub it on a colorful frog and the go night night :) OP maybe she wants you and not him

God, I'm a cunt.

Whoa. Anger issues much?

I like how your pic is a coke bottle, and the one above you is a coke bottle inside someone :P

That's a coke bottle o I though it was a. Condom what has my imagination come to :(

Shut up 60. It's clearly NOT a condom, you dumbass. On another note, OP sounds like a possessive and over-protective kind of mother

She should be happy that her daughter in law loves her son.

I just learned what a cliche was hahaha

Um.. What? How do you get protective out of this? Seems to me that they're getting pissed off at the girl for being a retard. If they want to be over-protective, the whole body goes in the oven.

Why don't you just text her your son's number so she takes the hint?

Considering the daughter-in-law is married to the OP's son (hence the "in-law" part), I think it is less to do with a phone number confusion (even in this day and age, certain phone numbers should be and are retained despite not having to dial every time a call is made), and more to do with a shared family name. In which case, a simple modification to one of the contacts, meant to distinguish father and son, should do the trick. I have a friend named Richard ____ Jr. whose fathers name is one in the same, minus the Jr. of course. He is able to use any if his fathers credit cards and information (even credit ratings) as his own. The substantial wealth of the father helped to mask any extraneous charges and he has yet to be caught. So, a word to the wise, family names (first and last) are highly inadvisable.

So the moral of your story is avoid having a little dick for a son.

Slam her head in the oven?

Think Vinnie Jones at the end of in Lock, stock and two smoking barrels... Instead of a car its an oven.

One of the most epic movie moments ever.

Just don't turn the oven on and you're good.

I love your nude pants pic

61- stop fucking commenting on people's pictures. No one appreciates it and it's annoying as hell.

How motherly of you. Ydi for having anger issues.

Who said it was the mother?

she said mother in law, I think they are classed as mothers in some marriages?

124 - Please point out where the FML says mother in law. Otherwise go and have several seats.

Who saiid it was a woman. It could be the father in law

Wow OP, calm your tits. No need to slam her head in the oven.

Lmao calm ya tits

36 your picture scares me :(

36 - please cover your tits.

36 your picture scares me :(

This makes no sense. Were u just looking for a reason to say tits?

Theirs no reason to be a bitch. Your one of those psycho "HE'S MY SON!" mother in laws aren't you!!!

Was that on purpose?

Agreed!! I have that problem. Her daughter in law prob does that shit on purpose! Hahaha I would :)

agreed! Nightmare!!

Yep, she sounds like the one that needs her head slammed.

Sounds like you have some other issues with her (that or a problem controlling your temper) if something as trivial as accidental text messages with poor spelling make you want to "slam her head into the oven". While doing so would put a stop to the texts, a more normal solution would just be to make her aware that you are the one receiving the texts as graciously as you can. She will probably be mortified and more careful when texting in the future.

So OP: are you ashamed to be related to that c*nt?

But #12, what fun would that be?