By Ari - 08/09/2018 23:30

Today, my daughter couldn't find a hair tie and thought a piece of duct tape would be a perfectly fine substitute. FML
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oh dear. how old is this kiddo?

We all learn best from experience.


We all learn best from experience.

oh dear. how old is this kiddo?

She should be the one writing this FML

Next time she should use a rubber band.

Only someone who knows that pain would write such a comment. Me too. Me. Too.

Letting kids do stupid things as kids and facing the consequences themselves hopefully teaches them not to do stupid things as adults.

You mean it isn’t?

Damn you, MythBusters! You said duct tape could be used for anything! You lied to us!

love that show!

It can.. she just used it wrong

And that day she learned a valuable lesson on the chemistry of adhesive and hair.

Well, at least you won't have to save for college.

You should be proud. She’s resourceful and problem solves on her own.