By Anonymous - 15/09/2014 17:52 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, my daughter came home in tears, completely distraught. It took half an hour to convince her to tell me what was wrong. What horrific thing happened to her? One of her friends wore the same outfit as her to the movies, and apparently that's a betrayal of their friendship. FML
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That's a modern day tragedy even Shakespeare couldn't have written

Am I the only guy wondering why this is always a big deal?


You should give her an (out)fitting punishment for such behavior.

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Get out

You had one job as first comment

Why would you give her a punishment in the first place?

Why are people un-liking this comment? She needs to be punished, and to learn not to be so uptight and spoiled. The world doesn't revolve around you!!

They might have been downvoting the comment because of the pun.

That's a modern day tragedy even Shakespeare couldn't have written

Truly, the horror cannot be overstated.

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What an egotistical thing for her to say :-/

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It depends on OP's daughter's age though. It's a lot more understandable for a 6-year-old to say that than a sixteen-year-old.

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A shallow empty soul.

Five year olds

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Kids today scare me.

Am I the only guy wondering why this is always a big deal?

martin8337 35

No. Doesn't make any sense to me either.

Not only are you not the only guy, but you're also not the only person regardless of gender. As a female, I don't know why it's a big deal either.

I don't get it. I'm a girl and I would find it funny if my friend wore the same thing as me.

It's an "oh, huh" or "that's funny" at worst. Because...what, they knew you were going to wear that and have a copy of your wardrobe just so they can copy you? Unless stalking (impressively), it's coincidence, and pointless to complain about.

29, that's the point I make when someone brings it up. Yes they knew what you were going to wear and did it on purpose.

It's that tragic moment when a young one realizes that they are not unique and special.

I completely agree with you girls. Glad to see there's some out there! I too have never understood why women freak out when someone wears the same outfit. I have seen grown women tell someone (knowing they owned the same dress) they were wearing that dress and that the other girl wasn't allowed to wear it to that event. Adult women doing this. So weird.

I thought girls loved it when that happened :o. "Unintentional twinning!" - Instagram posts it

No, as a girl it confuses me too. For my school formal about 3 of us had the same shoes and we all got a photo together because we thought it was cool.

I'm a teenager and if another girl wore the same outfit by accident, I would've bonded with her over it. The situation in the FML is not normal. Perhaps she made it up because the situation is much more serious?

i thought this only happened in the movies. i don't get it though, I'm pretty sure my friends don't own the same clothes as me. we've got different styles and shop at different stores.

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If 2 guys wear the same outfit, = best friends!

Exactly! Women overreact! Well, I am a woman but not those type of women!

Been there! That was a great day. Still good friends with that guy after 10 years.

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If it was two guys they would've immediately bonded over it.

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Tell her to take it as a compliment. Clearly, they are such good friends they think alike..

And imitation is the highest form of flattery!

How dare she! I hope you call the girl's mother OP.