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Today, my daughter brought home her new boyfriend. He has a neck tattoo, and his life's dream is to be a professional "beer pong" player. FML
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bredahl 26

I dislike people who stereotype others based on their tattoos. Just because someone has a tattoo, doesn't mean their bad. The way this FML was worded, it seemed like the person was not only making judgments on their terrible job choice, but their tattoo. The only FML I see is the boyfriend's poor choice in job interest.

Look at the bright side, she's not pregnant...... Yet....


Lol. Sounds like a real winner here OP. let's hope he makes it big and gets some good endorsements! ;-)

May he bring together beer and table tennis companies across the globe.

I'm cool with tattoos, unless they say "Fuck You (or anything similar)" on the neck, fingers, or anywhere in general. I'm guessing the boyfriend was joking around to lighten the mood. We don't know his age, except for that he's over 21 (to play professional beer pong) but maybe he didn't want to be criticized for not knowing what he wants to do career wise, just yet. Give him a chance papa bear. You'll be utterly surprised if he turns out to be a gem for your daughter.

He may be a gem for his daughter but he will be a broke gem. You aren't going to find a good job with a neck tattoo.

Companies are a lot more lenient with tattoos these days. If he has to wear a suit every day, then most of it would be covered. Plus, if he found his dream job and the company condoned the neck tattoo, he can get it lasered off.

As soon as I saw "lol" and a winky face I then was physically compelled to touch dislike button.

Sure, McDonald's is very lenient towards visible neck tattoos. Hell, maybe he can even get a good job at Burger King, heard they pay over minimum wage sometimes.. No, companies are lenient towards tattoos that will be covered up. A neck tattoo is an instant "Goodbye" at any job making over 80k a year.

I understand your point of view but what if he ends up becoming a professional photographer, professional rock climber, tour guide for back packing, or even owning his own business. My point is, we really don't know if he was being serious or not. And, again, he can always get it lasered off if his job requires no visible tattoos. Sitting behind a desk, having a 9-5 job isn't the only way to earn 65k/year. I think the confusion here is that I stated he could be a gem but I meant that as a great guy for OP's daughter, not someone who makes a decent amount of money.

I never said he wouldn't be a gem. I just said that he's never going to be able to make a lot of money. Sure all of those jobs are perfectly acceptable. I would love to be able to do any of those, but you have to be very good at what you do and very lucky because there isn't a lot of money to go around. He may be a gem, but ODDS ARE he's never gonna be a very successful gem. That said, money doesn't mean shit to me or many other people, but it doesn't change the fact that if you want to be successful(financial wise), you are going to have a tough time getting there with a neck tat.

He could also use that makeup they have designed for covering up tattoos. There are plenty of ways to cover a tattoo if needed.

I don't give a shit about the money part either. But the jobs I listed are decent jobs. And there are a ton more jobs I could list but this is the last. I live in San Diego, an extremely laid back city with a lot of amazing places to explore, including the food. The best food comes from tattooed chefs who own their restaurants; example: Hodads. Mike, the owner, is tattooed from head to toe and I've been going there before he was put on tv, for the best hamburgers in America. The owner is well respected and treats his customers with respect, makes a ton of money, and always has an hour to two wait time to be seated. It's almost odd to live here without a tattoo. I'll just agree to disagree.

45, fair enough. I'll agree to disagree as well. But for the time being, I am going to keep all of my tats on my torso.

Two of mine are on my hip bones and two more on my right upper thigh. The next one will be on my left upper thigh. BTW, if every one agreed, this world would be boring.

It's hard for a guy to pull off the hip bone and thigh tats haha. I have one on my Right pec and another on my back and am about to get the third on my calf. But goddam I hope I can get something on my arm and back of my hand one day.

Be the CEO or owner of a company and knock yourself out.

I agree with your statement about how the placement of my tattoos wouldn't be awesome looking on a guy. Trying to picture that makes me laugh.

guys if you're gonna chat, don't do it in the comment section

26 There are jobs over 80k that are lenient I've seen a specialist doctor with tatoos. I've seen I.T. professionals with tatoos.

Grammar_Nazi01 5

Uhm...I moderated this fml. where is the part about three children with three different woman? Wow cenclsorship much there FML.

noelykins1 19

I'm not sure if this is a FYL or You Deserve it kind of deal, I mean sure your daughter is dating him, but more likely than not the relationship will end and it's not like he's living in your house. So, I can't really choose either, guess your life doesn't suck very much.

Please explain how OP deserves it... Not sure I understand where you're coming from.

What makes you think the relationship's going to end? Brining home a new boyfriend/girlfriend and introducing them to your parents is often a big step in a relationship.

hi miss mae you have a nice rack

corruptedlol 2

85: Leave this place at once.

alexhaz64 4

When hitler tells you you've gone too far, you know you've done wrong.

noelykins1 19

I said I don't know how the mother can feel as if her life sucks. We also don't know how old the daughter is. It seems sort of like a phase that is why I said it would end. I'm sorry if it came off as if I was saying she deserves this, but I feel as if she doesn't deserve it and that her life doesn't suck. Sorry if it doesn't seem like much of an FML.

noelykins1 19

78: I don't think she deserves it, nor do I think her her life sucks. Her daughter I assume still lives at home, and I'm also assuming the daughter is 16-18. Seeing that the mother doesn't approve, and that the boy does plan on being a professional "beer pong player" makes me believe that the daughter and the boy will eventually break up. If mother makes life hell, relationship is bound to end especially if the girl is living with the mother. However neck tattoos can be hot.

She may well be going out with him, solely to piss you off OP. just a possibility.

I have to agree with this potentiality.

-3, I was thinking the same thing. For the love of God OP, pretend to accept your daughter's choice or she will probably marry him!

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Yourheadache 19

No, actually it could be worse, she could be going out with a Justin bieber fan, or a Jersey shore fan.

OP's daughter being pregnant would be worse.

75 - why would that be worse? after all, we ain't nothing but mammals, and the true meaning of life is to reproduce

agonydrum 7

86 after reading your comment I'm going to have to go ahead and ask that you please not reproduce...ever

Americans and tattoos. When are they going to grow up and realise body modifications has always been here and will always be? Most people I know have tattoos (Europe). For me, people seem to hide who they are, when they don't show any tattoos. There's no reason to worry about judgemental strangers - if an employer doesn't approve tattoos, you now she/he is a douche.

Define 'beer pong'

+ cups + table + people

ApollosMyth 22

+ water for a water cup.(If you play outside)

Krajjan 9

87- I have this strange urge to purge you with fire.

At least he knows what he wants...?

Look at the bright side, she's not pregnant...... Yet....

Is the tattoo "YOLO" ?

Yourheadache 19

The tattoos are fine, the real problem is the "beer pong".

bredahl 26

I dislike people who stereotype others based on their tattoos. Just because someone has a tattoo, doesn't mean their bad. The way this FML was worded, it seemed like the person was not only making judgments on their terrible job choice, but their tattoo. The only FML I see is the boyfriend's poor choice in job interest.

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16- False. I've had teachers with neck tattoos and know plenty of other people with good jobs who have them.

bredahl 26

ugh the one time I make a grammatical mistake. They're*

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bredahl 26

Why judge now, though? They've been around since before biblical era, and the only reason to judge besides gang/prison tattoos is that the bible states that it is a sin to get a tattoo. I find it quite trivial for people to judge based on how someone else wants to express themselves via body modifications. It's not like it's directly affecting their life just because someone got a tattoo. I'm not going to walk up to someone with a tattoo and say "I dislike your tattoo and it's ruining my life; get it removed,". I have 3 tattoos and work in customer service. None of them are directly visible unless I move a certain way and my shirt reveals them, but I had a supervisor with a full-length sleeve and no one had any issues with him even though the store policy is to not have any large, visible tattoos.

21, please inform me of these "good" jobs and they're salaries. I'm interested to hear.

bredahl 26

You could be in a band. I heard the salaries are great, but only if you make it. Movie stars have tattoos. I have tattoos, though I do work in customer service and it's shit, but the only people that have ever judged me are my parents, and that's because they're extremely conservative and my mom thinks the tattoos I have will look hideous with a wedding dress.

Yourheadache 19

Tattoo artist, zumies btw I love that store, I have 6 tattoos honey, I'm a lawyer assistant and working my way up to be a lawyer.

bredahl 26

That reminds me, my friend has two visible tattoos that can't be easily covered up, and she's studying to be a paralegal.

If you read 1's comment thread, I pretty much said the same thing you did. However, I implied maybe the boyfriend is making a joke about the career choice. You and I are having similar conversations with crewboy.

I'll reiterate my first comment. When you got your tattoo, you were aware some people would find them tacky or gross, and judge your CHOICE accordingly. You CHOSE to get a tattoo, and therefore you accepted some people would look down on you for your CHOICE. Again: don't start complaining now. Also I'm 17 and defiantly not conservative, yet I still dislike tattoos and think it's a terrible decision to get one. Also I would never go up to someone and say I dislike your tattoo, but I do judge them for what I view as a bad CHOICE.

I have 2 tattoos as well haha. The problem does not lie with tattoos it's the fact that its on his neck. And good luck becoming a successful lawyer with visible tattoos. The job market for Attorneys is very open I've heard... not. The fact is as much as you may not think so, to the general public and to a Judge, tattoos make you look less professional. That's a FACT. So good luck to your friend making it in the legal world with 2 visible tattoos. She'll always be mediocre. And to the movie stars and band thing. I hope you're kidding, those are a small percentage. Your argument is awful.

Yes I addressed a few different comments. May be a little jumbled. I know that your friend won't be going up infront of a judge. That was to the other girl.

bredahl 26

I find it pointless to judge based on body modifications, as it doesn't have a direct impact on my own life if someone else gets a body mod. "oh that person has a face tattoo so he must be in a gang." or "oh that person has a neck tattoo so he's never going to make it far in life." That person with the face tattoo might not be in a gang, and won't harm me unless I've done some bad shit to them. They may just like whatever they tattooed on their face and want to express themselves that way. If someone is so concerned about their own physical appearance when looking for jobs, there are ways of covering their tattoo up, be it clothing or makeup. They actually came up with a tattoo-cover up. I forgot what it was called but there was a viral video on youtube about it. Still, this society needs to be more accepting. If an employer is so concerned about someone with a neck tattoo-check their background and judge them based on their history.

Bredahl- as I said before, you made the CHOICE to get a tattoo, so deal with the consequences (and the judgements.)

Yourheadache 19

I've been in a court room so many times, and not even one judge had a problem with my tattoos, in fact I remember last year one of them told me she was going to get one hahaha.

bredahl 26

judgments are consequences so the parentheses were redundant. I just find it so old, and so silly that people are still judging others based on body modifications.

42, exactly. I have no problem with tattoos at all. I wouldn't judge anyone based on a non-threatening tattoo. You just admitted however that other people do. That's the problem. And When you start climbing the ladder at your company eventually your tattoos if they are visible are going to get in the way. 44, like I said before. If your tattoos are visible. Good luck making it far. I don't hope you will fail. I love tats, but you're gonna have one hell of a time.

The most hilarious tattoos are face ones. Like the "I have half a face, the rest is my exposed skull!!'" kinda stuff. I have a feeling anyone that gets a tattoo like that will regret it after a while, maybe because of the judgemental people, maybe because they're sick of looking at it or hiding it, maybe because their tastes change and they no longer want to look like that. (seems more halloweeny than every day, anyway". I think there is only one I understand on the face and that's getting your eyebrows tattooed. But still, don't shave your eyebrows if you're too lazy to draw them back on XD. Peanuts.

It's definitely not defiantly, and secondly, shut the duck up!!!

bredahl 26

#37 - Most people who get tattoos get them for a specific reason that have a deep meaning for them, as they are permanently modifying their body. I don't view tattoos as a negative life decision at all, and most can be incredibly beautiful and a great way to express individuality. I refuse to get any sort of name on my body, as relationships don't last, and names can be changed. That is the one thing I could never do and I dislike people that choose to get names tattooed onto them. That being said, I do respect your opinion, but I fail to see a reason as to why you dislike them and think it's a terrible decision to get one.

I'm not conservative, but I personally find tattoos to be tacky. But I don't judge people who have them, my brother has one, and my sister is getting one soon. I also don't like the idea that tattoos are on you forever, and then you'll be an old, wrinkly lady (or man) with tattoos... Just doesn't appeal to me at all. Especially because a person's tastes and interests could change 10 times in a lifetime, and they'll be forever stuck with a dolphin or something they chose when they were 18.

You do realize that tattoos really started getting popular in the 80s, so many people that you may think wouldn't have one, do have one. It's not the 1950s, older people may not understand piercings, but tattoos are generally accepted now. I'm a 40 yr old with 5 tats and got my 1st 20 years ago.

TheDrifter 23

I wish people actually thought out their tattoo choices. Whether you meant them to or not, each one tells people something about your personality, and I have yet to see a neck tattoo that didn't give the impression that its owner was a douche. A back price that extends up is one thing, a big pot leaf or chi town on your neck is another. For the record, I have full sleeves and a full back piece, and I am fully aware that I will be judged differently with them showing. However, I'm a trucker, and I have extensive burn scarring on my face, so the people that voluntarily interact with me are pretty open to tattoos.

Couldn't agree more. Mitch Lucker (RIP) had a lot of tattoos, including neck ones, and from what I can tell, he was a really good father to his little girl. The only thing wrong here is the boyfriend's "life dream".

Krajjan 9

29- Grandfather had tattoos. Marine Corps, 23 years, decorated Korean War. Uncle does. Army, 5 years, decorated Vietnam. I can't really speak for their pay but I was in for four years and the benefits are pretty damn good at least. My doctor has a visible forearm tattoo from the military. So did a few of my teachers. I currently make about $86K/yr. with two forearm, two bicep, and a full back.

77 and 95- I completely agree and people need to be realistic, because people will always make judgements. 37- I dislike tattoos because I think they look tacky and I think it's gross to modify skin unnaturally. I think it's a terrible decision because it's permanent, and there's a good chance they could regret it later when they are old and wrinkly.

Couldn't have said that better myself!