By off the family - 17/06/2018 20:30

Today, my daughter apparently have had enough of my mother-in-law's favoritism and constant bashing at me by telling her, "Grandma, might I highly recommend death at this point." She's 7. FML
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Your daughter is a freaking savage.

My, what an astute child!


My, what an astute child! say the darnedest things. "See, Grandma? When a 7-year-old dares to say something like's bad."

Oh yeah... My friend's mother-in-law had a hell of a wake-up call when the 3 year old said "I don't like Grandma because she's mean to mommy." Kids pick up on these things, and they have no filter or tact when it comes to the truth.

I'm confused. Favoritism towards whom? Towards the OP's wife (her daughter), or other sons-in-law, other grandchildren? I can't figure this one out.

I assume OP's husband has other siblings who are also married, and the MIL is nicer to them.

My iPhone app and web version show the OP to be male. I'm glad you agree the wording is ambiguous and you need to make assumptions to figure out what the story means.

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I would get her a nicely curled moustache so she can twirl it whenever she makes such remarks.

Your daughter got your back, That's a win.

Your daughter is a freaking savage.

She is 7 and smart. Honestly, better make it clear to her that you realised the favoritism, hoping your spouse/partner will say something too so things will get better. My own grandma favored my cousin over me to the point she said mean things, and while my mother knew it and wanted to say something, my father was afraid of upsetting his mother, so she went on. I have grown up and I see her less now (gladly) but I learnt she has started to became like this with my younger brothers too. I don't want to start a fight first, so I'm just waiting for my grandmother to say something bad in my presence again ... I hope you won't reach that point. Good luck.

I basically had to cut mine out of my life for the same reason. It was tolerable when my grandfather was alive and kept her in check. The final straw for me was when she blew off my wedding because they set the one son up to fail and he was coming. You don’t give a gambling addict control of your money, especially when you have multiple other children who could do it just fine.

Oh my... Mine hasn't reached this level yet. Hopefully you had a better wedding without her (even if it's sad). I think your grandma will regret it one day. Grandpa are the best =)

Clever girl! She won’t take no bullshit

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Welp you know the saying... Drunk ppl, children and leggings always say the truth...

At least you know she's got your back.