By lizardface - United States
Today, my daughter and I went to the carnival and had our faces painted. When we returned home hours later, I realized I have a deep sunburn all around my face except for the skin under the paint in the shape of a gecko. FML
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oh shit is that how gieco makes u pay for them losing 15 percent on car insurence......damn good thing I'm in good hands bcuz itsnot just how ur covered it's how ur treated and I don't think there good neighbors by progressivly turning u into a walking advertisment.

  Brittney_E  |  0

59- K is annoying as fuck! sorry if i sound bitchy ._. It's my pet peeve.

66- Karma's a bitch. Pms just encourages it.

OP- When you go to a Tanning Salon, they offer you stickers so when the tanning is complete, you just remove the sticker and it's there. People would pay for that.

  yellowfeet  |  0

ydi for not wearing sunscreen on your face. you can get skin cancer!!! and everyone who says "that's cool, this is not an fml" is dumb. the paint probably covered half her face so now she looks like a freak. haha


3- I bet gieco would pay for people to do that for advertisment. I heard on the radio a brewery gave someone free beer for life cuz they got their logo tattooed on themself. that would be awesome to get free car insurance for getting the gieco geico tattoo.