By Dinger1992 - United States
Today, my dad was teaching me how to drive. He told me that stop signs with white outlines are "optional." I ran through the next one I saw and got pulled over by a cop. My dad is making me pay the ticket for being "that stupid." Thanks dad. FML
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  SuperKnuckels  |  6

it was a test! It was optional but you should stop or you get a ticket or in an accident. No one said you had to follow rules of the road, its just the right thing to do lol. which most ppl dont do.

  gabe222  |  25

Honestly, Family Guy came to mind. When Peter teaches Meg the "rules of the road" Ha! Just remember, catch eye contact and rev once.

  fml121785  |  14

It would be the 'yield' sign that are pretty much optional stop signs. As in you stop if traffic is coming. I'm sure OP got a drivers handbook when they received their permit with all this information and description of the signs in it! YDI!

  Bekeliyr  |  10

Sigh... you guys don't get it. #63 is completely right. It's the law but noone but yourself can stop you from your judgement. A teacher tells us we can cheat on a test if we wanted to. So a student cheats but gets caught so the teacher took his test and ripped it. The student said to him that we could cheat. The teacher said you could cheat 'if you wanted to'. but that doesn't mean it's right and there will be consequences for every action.

  JackFaire  |  27

They didn't say they were a licensed driver who had learned everything there is to learn. They said they were learning to drive.

I love how people jump to "well a person who had already learned this would know that so automatically you are judged by those standards" There are some obscure driving laws that aren't always put into the drivers ed book or are a mere footnote. She was trusting her teacher to not lie to her. If your teacher tells you something and you start disbelieving everything they say when you have no knowledge base of your own then you are an idiot.

  chellyX92  |  8

"Thanks dad"? It's 100% your fault. I honestly think the ticket should be doubled and your permit should be suspended. Running stop signs are completely reckless and utterly dangerous. Even in your manual it states you must stop at ALL stop signs. Even then it's common sense that you stop at one because the other drivers might not have one. I saw a accident where a lady ran her stop sign, she was T-boned by a truck, her passenger died. Your lucky the ticket was all that happened. I hope to god that your dad thinks twice before letting you behind the wheel again.

Also as old as this "the ones with the white lines are optional" thing is, you've never herd or read ANYTHING about it...EVER?

  RedPillSucks  |  31

The rant may have been an overreaction but why would you think it's OK to run a stop sign?
I've witnessed several accidents where someone has been T-boned and a passenger seriously injured.
This is no joke.

  kiwienne  |  21

Wish more people would have the attitude of #35, tbh. Better be safe than sorry. No need to learn your lesson after the bad stuff has occured. There's a reason we make a big deal out of getting a driver's license in Denmark - as everyone should. A lot of people fail the tests, it's pretty expensive and you have to attain the age of 18 within three months before you can start taking your driver's license. Also the punishment for breaking rules is strict, but fair!

  grichie1994  |  0

Why is everyone being like this? Perhaps you forgot what it's like to be a gullible teenager that actually listens to their parents once in a while. It's his dad's fault for saying that in the first place.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

It doesn't matter that the OP may possibly be a teenager. Most people know some of the basic rules of the road when they are still children by simply riding in the car with their parents. And I'd say a stop sign is probably the most basic.

  Polograte  |  0

I don't understand, running stop signs is still a serious thing. You could hurt yourself and others. Someone can even lose a life. Don't underestimate this. She still could be a teenager, but teenagers still need to know something as basic as a stop sign. What if you were the one who ran it and you were responsible for a lost life? This isn't a joke, like some of you think.


I have to laugh historically and/or snort at the utter stupidity of downvoting 10's comment. Running a stop sign IS completely dangerous. Fact = fact no matter which way you put it.

People HAVE died from stuff like this. My dad almost did.

By  kyleekay  |  25

Did you not have to pass a test to earn your driver's permit, before getting to the actual driving part? If so, you definitely should have known better (also because it's COMMON SENSE).

  kyleekay  |  25

12- May I direct your attention to my second point?

It's common sense.

Honestly, it's called a stop sign for a reason. If you're old enough to drive, you've had plenty of time to figure that out.

  xNephilim  |  18

Yup, especially after years of driving with your parents. You'd think OP would've figured it out by then, but I guess not. I only had to learn a few signs when I got my license and that was only because I spent most of my life in Germany and a few of the signs looked a little different. Seriously though, OP's dad is a dick and OP is kind of stupid.

  DogsPaw  |  16

In California, for me at least...
If under 18,
2. Earn Certificate if Completion
3. Present Certificate at DMV
4. Take 50 Question test
5. Pass test within 3 attempts. $30 for 3 Tries
6. 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training
7. 50 Hours with Parent - 10 at night
8. Hold Permit for 6 Months
9. Schedule Test 45 days prior to Permit Date
10. Pass Test, FREEDOM!

By  random1st  |  2

YDI OP you are about to be a driver and its common sense a stop sign means stop. Seems you should study more before driving and learn the rules before I run you off it!

  chellyX92  |  8

My school doesn't offer drivers Ed. I just read the manual and took the test. Been learning and practicing for three months now. I have never seen anything about driver Ed being a requirement. I know that if kids take it, the insurance company gives you a discount, sometimes.

  ksuth  |  25

Here my school didn't have drivers ed but there are tons of different "driving schools" although they aren't required. Most people only take them so they can have cheaper insurance and get their fulls more quickly. I would suggest it for OP though...

  redsoxgrl824  |  11

In the US drivers Ed is required for anyone under the age of 18.. Whether the school provides it or not, which I'm pretty sure 99.99% of the schools do. If not there are plenty driving schools around

  moonwing  |  17

Hmm. That must be a new law, because when I was 16, it wasn't required. It was optional. It was however offered at my school, but wasn't mandatory to take.


redsoxgrl824- I'm pretty sure that only varies by state. Here in PA, it's not required but I believe schools do have to go over the driver safety guidelines once a year. That might have been my school though.

I may be wrong though and a new law may have been passed but that had to have been after getting my permit and license. I know the driving hours portion has changed to include, i think, a total of 60 hours. Ten have to be at night and five in deplorable conditions. ie: snow, rain, fog, etc.

Again, I may be wrong.

  happyvocal  |  1

Driver's ED fucking sucked. My driving instructor was an asshole, and even though I have my permit now, I haven't driven because I always feel like I'm messing up or I'm going to get in an accident. I have anxiety. Not to mention he showed a video about highway accidents to our class that we couldn't opt out of, which only made my fear a lot worse. Don't do driver's ed: take lessons from a trusty adult and read the manual, and be mature enough to make responsible decisions on the road.

By  deloria_fml  |  22

Yes, OP should have known better. On the other hand, OP's father should be teaching her to drive rather than sabotaging her for shits and giggles. He fails at parenting.


Or he's just a mega asshole. It sucks that OP got screwed by his antics, but kinda YDI for being at least almost 16 years old and not bring smart enough to know one of the most basic rules of the road..

  Jakespeed207  |  4

Not necessarily. Maybe OP's already read the manual and everything and her dad's just testing her. She could even have her permit. You don't know for sure, since it isn't stated. But OP SHOULD have used her common sense, or what little they may have.