By Anonymous - 14/07/2012 20:10 - Nigeria - Lagos

Today, my dad was making coffee for the family. Half-way through, he excused himself to the bathroom, so for a laugh, I discreetly poured a load of salt into his drink. When he served us, I drank a mouthful and doubled over hacking. My dad barked, "I wasn't born yesterday, son." FML
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olpally 32

never test your dad's brain power... he knows way more than you do about how to pull off a prank.


First one to tell you YFDI, I guarantee you will have many more.

Steve95401 49

You're lucky it was just salt in the drink and not something poisonous.

I doubt his own father would poison his drink...

AbstraktThoughts 13

1 - Cause everyone walks around poisoning their dad's coffee all the time...

Well, a laxative would make a nice gag! And you don't have to kill your family!

Someone's never heard of a practical joke.

KiddNYC1O 20

I doubt he would poison his own father's drink...

It's not luck. He put salt in the coffee, not poison.

More like super mega awesome dad for the win. If I was OP I'd give my dad a medal engraved to say “Touche good sir” cuz that was hilarious.

DreBeezy 9

Good sir, it seems as though you have been pwned by your own father.

This looks like something from the book Shit My Dad Says

Good thing op's dad had a good sense of humor about it.

olpally 32

never test your dad's brain power... he knows way more than you do about how to pull off a prank.

Your dad would beat you for a completely innocent prank that doesn't harm anyone and is, at most, annoying? And you think that's a well adjusted way to handle the situation? I think OP's dad's choice of action is a much more efficient way to teach the OP a lesson. The punishment should match the situation (although I don't think what the dad did is really a form of punishment, nor do I think the situation calls for one).

daisiebud 18

The funny thing isn't that the Dad got him back, but that he was actually expecting his kid to pour salt in his coffee. What.

erockinthesuburb 17

You reap what you sow.

dominic1221 6

I think it's kinda sad that you get 4 thumbs down for pointing out social cause and effect, but #3 gets 3 thumbs up for invoking spiritual nonsense like "karma." Yeah, I'm ready to be buried by the superstitious knee-jerkers now.

#9, it's basically the same principle. Both karma and this saying boil down to "what comes around goes around." There's no reason to be rude about the idea of karma and by extension to the people who believe in it. Calm down.

MindFreakazoid 10

Never Talk Like This unless it's a book/movie title or something like that.

It's a song title.

35- Not in this context

Troll dad strikes again!

No. Regular dad bested troll son.

FlamingTacos 7

Nice try Lloyd, but next time stick with turbo lax

challan 19

my favorite movie of all time!

Who's your daddy!

I was planning to register that as my id, but only got the current copycat one, anyway, war3 rocks, XD

What the heck is war3?

BriZanna33 2